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Thread: ENFJ - ENTP friendships...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_ View Post
    EVERYONE has trouble connecting with INTJs.

    But ENFPs have the best chance of breaking though the ice wall and finding a warm gooey heart underneath it.
    Get that disgusting Fi out of my thread!!! :steam::steam::steam:

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    Thus spake the Fe.
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    ENFJs have a complex, multi-layered character.

    They have a:
    1. alone phase - where they get really lonely.
    2. One on one interaction phase - where they probe you with their intellect, but a bit wary if you want to probe theirs (well, baing an ENTP, I just have to do it. LOL).
    3. The public phase - where they put an SF mask in the public scene.

    In theory, NiFe caters to a broad range of social demographics, but based on observing my ENFJ friend, she finds it hard to easily trust someone.

    Her natural effortless charm makes most SF girls jealous, and her relationship idealism makes her constantly activate her search mode, jeopardizing her relationships in the process, not to mention that her tendency to befriend her exes adds another layer of complexity to her social sphere.

    And too add something to that, she's too image conscious.


    I guess the trick here is, show her that you are loyal to her unconditionally; even like her if you want. Feed your Ne with her subtle flirtations, which then boosts your tertiary Fe in the process, but never ever get to a point where you'll interfere with her disposition in trying to cater to a wide range of people. (that is, don't get jealous. You'll lose in the long run).

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    I find it almost absurd how much love an ENTP can excite from me and the ardor of it. It's not slavish, but it is something like conjuring the goddess from the volcano and having her fall violently (yet tamely) in love with you. It was the first time I thought, "You can have me on a plate" which was terrifying but natural. A very few INTPs have exerted that sort of control with me, yet only one or two. They back down from me, or try to outrightly control me. I really hate that because I know it doesn't have to be that way. ENTPs go right past that - it's firmly "your my girl", but without the death grip. I can't explain that. If they put their hands on me, I'm not offended. If they tease me, I know the rules of the game. If they look at me a certain way, I know what they're thinking and keep their secret.
    Okay this is scary. i knew an enfj who was like this with me. she swears she isnt like that with anyone else and i believe her. she's a classy woman. i didn't even try to get that response out of her. she took it upon herself to throw herself on my bed and when we had sex she would say "do whatever you want with me" .

    but seriously, what the heck. i was shocked how she gave herself to me. i barely knew the girl!!!

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    Johari / Nohari

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    Ne-Ni is one thing, which is pretty much effortlessly self-sustaining, interesting, fun, challenging, etc.

    i think the biggest advantage for this specific relationship, and marks how infjs relate to entps but to an even greater extreme for enfjs, is that entps are really helpful for nfjs at reconnecting nfjs to their own experience. what i mean by this is that they provide the relevancy factor in the form of Ti that helps us build outward from our own experience, rather than drowning in representations and essentialized idealized images and at times empty linguistic comparisons. it helps us experience ourselves and our lives from a more subjective perspective, a more at the center of ourselves and at the center of our own universe perspective, where we become more in touch with how the world is organized around us spatially and how we fit into the various systems in which we live. the sense of personal control, personal responsibility, and self-efficacy that is gained, with the Ne-Ni dynamic naturally working at the purpose/meaning question from opposite polarities, makes it really calming, slowing down, opening up, breathing again, etc. the impact on perspective for both parties, i find, to be pretty fucking grounding. kind of oscillating between overwhelming density (Ni) and overwhelming expansiveness (Ne) and coming to a really nice, productive, healthy equilibrium. w infjs both parties work from why so much, from frames of reference, from meaning, that it's so easy to catch each other in motion and communicate with so much purpose so easily. whereas enfjs still get this, but, in comparison, are more action than idea based, which is good when the meaning/purpose connection is good/shared (so it doesn't feel negatively controlling, but rather helpfully motivating and still granting more than enough autonomy--which can be especially tough for a dominant Je type). but that mobilization can be useful too (see john and enfj yoko? in contrast--an infj wouldn't let "all ya need is love" ever get to the presses)

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    i wonder if i would get bored with an infj. if i would run them over.

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    well this thread died a slow painful and lonely death.

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