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Thread: ENFP+INTJ=Disasterous Combo o' love

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    You guys clear the fog in our heads.

    When I am to make a decision where none of my options appeal exactly right to Fi...I'm lost. I have trouble letting go of that, and stand at a crossroads..procrastinating. I have trouble realizing at that point what I can do already to at least progress further, even if circumstances aren't ideal, and making that analysis. I have all the data (Ne), but as Fi is failing, I have no way to analyze it. An INTJ at that point helps me write a list of all the pro's and con's, seperating practical details from idealism and adding value to each item. Normally, I don't need to do this. Fi instantly singles out the option that feels *right*...except for when that option is lacking. And then I forget that I can go about this another way, get confused, lost and can't see things in perspective anymore. At that point, the reassuring help of an NTJ is much appreciated as they do know how to sort through things while understanding why certain illogical parts of the problem have a great value to me, Fi-wise, and not discarding those parts or telling me to get rid of them. It's soothing, as they do see a way out of the mess, while I feel kinda like Alice in Wonderland...

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    I actually feel like I can be most open about things (because I'll get the most relevant feedback) with T friends.

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    I'm impressed. After rolling my eyes at Kalach's 500th post and seeing nobody saying anything about it, it actually got me to login.

    I have to say this in advance: I'm not trying to be mean. In fact, I actually spent time trying to think of ways to word it in a manner more suitable for this forum but, it's not possible because of the topic itself. But, I suppose it can have an upside in that it's possible that it may inspire another discussion that is entirely positive.

    You really should step away from speaking as if you represent other INTJs as a whole. I'm surprised that you even test as one to the extent that I wonder if you just have an extremely delusional self-image.

    I've yet to see a truly original thought or theory from you. Most of the time they're even irrelevant. People may not notice it but, it's rather obvious to me. Your choice of words, length of posts and blind confidence gives the illusion that you must know what you're talking about. But, there's nothing useful there. I'd even bet you would swear that you only care about useful ideas purely out of adhering yourself to a type description.

    I also see how we can get the reputation of being unreasonably stubborn in contrast with open-minded claims. It's true that all people are not bound to their type descriptions. But, that's what makes so much of it obvious. A lot seems like you're playing the role and failing miserably. Almost all of your claimed traits are obviously forced because you can't pull it off though you try so hard. You would probably quote a chapter of someone else's thoughts in response to someone saying so. Most likely to reassure yourself more than anything and hoping to convince others alongside convincing yourself.

    Kinda funny, without exaggerating, if given the desire, I could list almost every commonly known trait and be able to say without hesitation, the actual trait it is being mistaken for.

    Though I'm not about to take the time for that one. Considering the nature of the post, it should be obvious that I'd find the response predictable and wouldn't expect it to go anywhere.

    It's like you close your eyes, turn to a random page in a book, and copy it word for word.

    It's your type that creates the negative stereotypes.

    Sorry but, this topic was actually interesting before you chimed in.

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    Intjs love flowers!

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