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Thread: Do you believe in an afterlife?

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    Default Do you believe in an afterlife?

    I've been experiencing a lot of death around me lately. First, my grandfather died of cancer, then my grandmother followed him shortly - presumably from grief. Last night, I found out my uncle has also died of cancer. Oddly enough, they all shared the same abode.

    Although I was quite close to them when I was younger, I find myself not grieving as I should about their demise. I never cried once, and I feel somewhat guilty about that. It's as if reality hasn't set in; I feel that they are not actually dead at all, despite what reason tells me.

    Part of me feels very strongly that they are still alive, somewhere. I can't explain it, or rationalize it. I think it is for this reason that I am not grieving over them.

    And yet, I myself came very close to death at one point in my life. Nobody had told me anything about it until my brother revealed it to me out of the blue. It must have happened while I was having my major surgery, and for some reason my parents decided to keep it secret from me. I didn't see any light, or experience anything of that sort. So if it did happen, death was the end, and there was nothing.

    So I'm conflicted. Is there an afterlife? I've been contemplating about this since I was a small child. I thought religion helped me find the answer at one point, but since I had extricated myself from it, I'm again left with unanswered questions.

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    I'd say the only way to find out is to die and come back. There have been reports of people seeing a light etc when they die for a short time and then are revived in the operating room.

    Here are some links that may interest you-

    YouTube - Heaven and Hell: Been There, Done That - 1/1 - Mickey Robinson Interview with someone who died and came back. Other parts of interview in related videos.

    Perhaps this- For those who have momentarily died, then come back to life again? - Yahoo! Answers
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    More important than answering that question is - does knowing the answer even matter?

    But no I do not believe in the afterlife. But I'm open to the possibility of there being one.

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    Hey, I always ask myself the same question. But my thought are kind of complicated. One day I may think about reincarnation. The next I may think about an idea I have that when we die, we will fly by the universe freely. The next It could be both ideas mixed and sometimes I also think about something bigger than us.

    P.s. Sorry about your loss.

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    It is therefore quite proper to speak of three kinds of physical death: clinical, biological, and cellular. Clinical death occurs first: confirmed by cessation of pulse and breathing. Thereafter, sooner or later, there follows biological death which has been defined by Dr. A. S. Parkes as "the state from which resuscitation of the body as a whole by currently known means is impossible." (45)
    Death: Event Or Process?

    how long were you dead?

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    Start off by saying that i'm sorry for your losses . I'm likely be experiencing a lot of deaths in the next few years. I can imagine it being a hard time.

    As for your question, i don't believe in an afterlife, per se. The closest thing to it is thinking we are all just energy and energy cannot be destroyed, so our energy is recycled back into the earth and people. Maybe for a brief time after someone's death their energy still maintains characteristics of its past, but fades off as it is in queue before next use.
    This provides the idea that we are always here, always renewed.
    It also makes me think about how there can be increases in humanity, yet decreases in environment. We may say we create and destroy, but perhaps we only destroy different vessels to create room for other vessels to harbor the same things.

    All rough thoughts that make me sound like a hippie, but i prefer them.
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    i'm really sorry for your loss too.

    i do believe in an afterlife...i'm open to the possibility of being wrong ..maybe we do just go on in the form of memory of our loved ones...maybe that's all there is...but i'm really inclined to believe that we are to here experience life in physical form and our spirits inhabit some spiritual world after...believing in that makes it easier to deal with loss...personally.
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    I think it's an alteration in consciousness. Into another plane of existence. It can't ever be proven, or even imagined. It is a possibility..a belief..a feeling.
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    I haven't really lost anyone I'm close to, yet, so I can't say anything about the grief and how it is supposed to be...

    But, afterlife. I don't have an opinion about it. It's irrelevant to me, at least for now. I see three options. 1) There is some kind of afterlife 2) There isn't 3) There is an experience of afterlife. The third option is pretty much the same as the first, but with an exception that it is much more easily handled by logic. If the brain starts to shut off, who knows what the experience of the person is? Time might disappear, the memories of your life might fill your consciousness for seemingly indefinite amount of time.

    Well, anyhow, the only reason the thought of afterlife might effect me now, it's the question about morals. Some people think that if you don't think there is an afterlife that is somehow a judgment of how you lived, then there would be no point of morals. But, I see it like, if there is no afterlife, then it is up to me to now get the best of life since I'm not coming back, and good life as I see it is very much concerned with being good to people. But, if there is afterlife, then the motivation would be to get that place on the cloud. So, in any case my morals are the same... thus it seems irrelevant to think about it.

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    I do believe in the afterlife. I am a Christian. Have you ever heard of "Visions beyond the Veil" by the late missionary H. A. Baker? Very interesting. I read it two weeks before my father died of a sudden heart attack.

    I know this man who was in a very bad car crash. He came out of his body while doctors were performing surgery on him (he can quote everything that has been said by each doctor during that moment), and eventually found himself in a place where there was light on one side and a dark pit on the other. He was reaching out for the light put was pulled down into outer darkness. He was then revived and started looking for answers until he became Christian.

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