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    the feeling hits us, i imagine, in a similar spot. the heart-center, blah blah etc. when i feel really jacked up on Fe, tho, it feels like my heart is pulling away from me, it's actively listening. it's leaning forward. it's pulling everything from the world around me into it, and most focused on the most intense connection, but at the same time, that like inverse Fi (especially with enfp or any form of GLOWING Fi) gushiness. it's just flowing into and out of me, like the feist song, i feel it all. i feel a little bit lighter and less rooted in the ground, more floating ever so slightly above. weightless. it's just radiating/resonating with harmony, you can feel it warm you up, more color in your mind's eye, gilded things, etc. i'm not glowing internally, i'm absorbing it from around me and refracting it like a prism. it pries me open and i feel more mystical, the spirit of everytihng rushing in, angelic, etc. it makes me think of the wim wenders film wings of desire. that's it. but as both angel and human. which is better.

    epiphanies are the greatest thing in the world, but for me they originate in Ni. then comes the tremendous rush (as Fe absorbs it, recognizes it, shifts its awareness of it into the world, listens for it, it starts flowing inward in a huge looping process of connection), the interconnection, the falling into place like dominoes, the free feeling, the sort of huge gushing dam-burst flow of energies restored, moving again, unstagnant, renewed, etc. i feel the whole context, everything comes into focus, and it feels very timeless and mystical, eternal and unending.

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    NeFi feels infallible and is extremely sensitive to critique. Why?

    To answer this question I need to address another question:

    NeFi: Once upon a time a friend hurt me. I decided to shut her out and never speak to her again, yet in my mind preserved her essence and would always love her.

    Te: There is a logical disconnect.

    NeFi: An Fi connection feels like a laser beam shining at that other person, painful to me, yet so full or shining love and devotion. It forces me to mirror what I perceive them to feel-a massive offering on my part. If I cut this person out of my life, how I could I still love them/mirror them/feel them? The Fi connection was severed, thus what am I connecting to?

    Te: I am connecting to something in my own mind.

    Ne: What is it I am connecting to?
    I do not make eye contact or watch the other person the way an EXTP does-I don’t have to.

    I have recreated the person in my mind as a running “simulation” for lack of a better word. I actually connect to that simulation. Fi uses a lot of energy as the simulation is extraordinarily complex. I use it to study the person. As a simulation I can “feed” it different types of inputs and monitor predicted outputs. Thus the ability of an NeFi to predict patterns of behavior. Fi not only mirrors others, it analyzes them via study of generic simulations. Using NeTe we can meta study the person-problem and pick out trends. The accuracy is fairly poor-at least 20% error if not more, and Fi misunderstands Fe.

    NeTe: Watch an Fi person-while analyzing with Fi, they have to break eye contact. They cannot observe you and the simulation at the same time. Interestingly I bet Fi gets applied to more problems than just people problems.

    (However for an Fi user to watch you and use Fi, would be to merge you into the simulation-it is utterly overwhelming and allows you inside of everything they are-thus really living in that moment second by second with you-in a Ti like fashion -a sign of utmost trust. Perhaps something like an ENTP letting go of logical Ti, taking a plunge into love, knowing it defies Ti reality? Typically an ENFP makes direct eye contact with Te.)
    Fi: .

    Ne: Damn that’s cool. Awesome! Sometimes you are kinda clever.

    Te: Why thank you small ADHD follower of shiny things, go make another connection with your 20% rate of insanity and I shall continue onwards with defective tertiary Te analysis with a 40% error rate.

    Ne: Why is Fi sensitive? Why does it hurt so much?

    Te: If Fi constructs simulations and runs them as an analytical tool, for NeFi many are likely loaded at any given time. NeFi is particularly tuned to pain in the mirrored perceptions-pain hurts more than pleasure feels good. Fi is pain averse, as it must help those in pain.

    Ne: evolution
    Te: Evolution likely evolved Fi to be more perceptive to pain than Fe, as the ultimate empathic tool. Somebody has to help the outcasts and fallen, even if not in our best interests. I see their pain, I feel their pain.
    Ne: Cortisol/chronicpain/stress/relaxation/meditation/endorphins/warmbuttery Fe rolls/so beautiful feeling.

    Te: shut up shiny, back to the original question
    Ne: Why is Fi so sensitive, especially NeFi?

    Te: Assuming Fi is running simulations of all of those it has Fi connections to, Fi is actually composed of those simulations. To criticize Fi is to criticize those simulations. Fi is me, but Fi really is THEM, a mesh like conglomerate of the “other”.

    Te: If you attack those I have an Fi connection to, you will evoke a Te defensive response. If you critique Fi, you are in effect attacking all of them at once. This generates massive logical dissonance in Fi-which is an analytical tool at the end of the day, thus an immediate, yet confused, Te defensive rage. It is extremely guttural and instinctual.

    Ne: the symmetry is inherent.

    Te: Thus for an ENTP I predict an attack on Ti directly would be akin to an attack on their singular Ne fed Ti identity, and result in an ENTP repulsive shrug of massive, yet confused proportions. Fe attacks via social shunning and rejection. However this is based on a symmetry model, not an internal understanding thus has inherent error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    a question: Fi and Ti absorb/create truths in various forms. they are considered internal reasoning processes. they get information from an extroverted perceiving function and synthesize, test, simulate, develop truth. they catalogue all their experience and determine, define, and discover its value/truth. T is defined as logical, linear, direct, causal, and F as implicit, vague, holistic, circular.

    what is Fi reasoning like? where does it relate to language? what is the difference for Jung between thinking and feeling? a head/heart thing (which sounds more like the enneagram)? what part of you feel likes you KNOW? what does knowing feel like? when cataloging experience, when knowing, how much Si do you detect? how does experience turn into Fi? Si is more vivid when Fi is more intense, which means correlates with more depth, more advanced Fi judgment, a bigger fucking problem, more complex concentrated committed attention?
    Fi doesnt speak for me. It is like a small child that glows and points.

    Si doesnt really seem to work with Fi for me-perhaps by accentuating past experiences?

    I like the ideas above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalach View Post
    I wonder at this flexy bendy thing. My first reaction is to claim that no one ever truly flexes because you always positively have to approach your own choices with your own mechanisms. So one might take in a lot of information from others, and hold off decision-making... oh wait, "hold off decision-making"... that's it there, isn't it? Flexing is the act of delaying your own choice?
    Actually the flexing for an ENFP is likely me adjusting my own internal Te/Fi standards to fit the person I am interacting with-ie acceptance. Accepting them as they are, understanding it is not my place to impose my moral Fi judgments upon them.

    This alone sounds judgmental, however recognize I will never, ever, ever met my own standards, thus how can anyone else.

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