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Thread: Is this you?

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    "I am who I am and will never be anyone else however hard someone may try to change me I can never be anyone except myself. So who actually am I? That is possibly a quite intruiging question actually because I don't quite know, all I know is that you will know better than I do. You see my actions and hear all of my words you feel happiness and sadness when I speak and through all my actions in fact you drew your opnion in the very first seconds you met me, whether you like to admit it or not you decided what you thought of me long before you ever really had the chance to get to know who I really before you ever got the chance to find what makes me tick and keeps me going along the way that I have chosen to go in my life. But what is it that actually makes me, me? Its the experiences I will not forget, the people I have met, the things that have been said to me, those are what make me, me. They are the things that make me react the way I do and make me say the things that I say, yet I know that deep down, no matter how hard I, or another tries, I am still me and you are still you and that is a quality that no one else in the world can even claim to have nor understand, each person you meet in the street, that guy in the office next door, the woman at the store who caught your eye, everyone is a different person so complex inside, the things they have seen, and done through their entire lives yet we still do not understand why we are all unique. Is it in my DNA? That which makes me, me? Or is it something locked away in my brain? Memories maybe? All I know is that there is something somewhere in each of us that defines what you see in front of you today, one who can't be changed no matter what. Yet through all this, I am still me, and you are still you."

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    There's no blood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    There's no blood.
    Yeh, I think blood would be a nice touch.

    I did a quick rewrite, more how I would write it (Do any of the 4 NF types do waffle?):

    "I am who I am. I will never be anyone else. However hard they may try to change me, I will be myself. Still who am I? I don't quite know. Does that mean that you'll know better? You see my actions and you hear my words, you see my expressions. But you drew your opinion in the first second you met me. You decided what you thought, long before you could know. Before you ever had the chance to feel my essence, or see my path in life. What is me? The things I can't forget? The people I have met? The words that they have spoken? These are the things I have seen and done, but do you see enough? How are we unique? Is it in our DNA? Is it in our brain or our memories maybe? There is something which defines us, a thing which can't be changed. I am me and will always be me. You will always be you." (+bunny rabbit to reinstate cuteness)
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    An "I" or pillar with maze inside?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakimadude View Post
    An "I" or pillar with maze inside?
    Could also be a quite intricate keyhole or a handle in a door or a stamp or a tatoo or *a dooms-day device: created to further spin nonsical information into the very core of each human being and thus allowing us to live a little longer but just enough for torture to be fun to do, to us.

    *_Violence_ Was the one to share it. Of course it is a planet destruction/pain pleasure device. What else could it be?
    Open for interpretation.
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    Well I am INTP.

    How the fuck should I know how NFs react to this sorta thingy?

    So this was the experiment.


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    I think it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I feel I can relate to that.. in a sad way. :S

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