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Thread: Modern morals

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    this stuff happens in all jobs, if I leave one, I will just end up coming across the same situation later on again but in a different job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickTock View Post
    I'll give an example. I was asked to cover an evening shift at work this morning. But I don't feel like doing a favour because I was cut from two morning shifts and only found out at the last minute. That might sound petty but i feel ive been messed around and it wouldn't get me far if I told my boss that is the reason.
    It is perfectly reasonable to feel wronged because you were taken for granted and treated disrespectfully. But it would have been more productive for you to have voiced your displeasure when it happened. People respect those who have the backbone to stand up for themselves.

    As for telling her that you decided to punish her for for what she have done, that would be foolish. It would just make you look petty and make you a target for retaliation in the future.

    There's nothing wrong with having morals, but they have to be rational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitaire Unraveling View Post
    You either value the job enough to put it's demands ahead of your personal desires, or you don't, in which case you should resign.
    No offense, but that statement is so subservient and misguided. Employers rarely treat their employees with enough fairness and loyalty to justify that degree of self sacrifice.

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    voicing, griefing you had prior engagements but still showing up, is good. voicing and not showing up? not so good. do you have certain time frame in which you can`t be scheduled outside of? if so you might want to let them know as well.

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    well I would say you should always be outspoken. Anything worth thinking is worth saying(most of the time). So let's address your thoughts. I would say that that's not a bad thing. I'm wondering though, what the principle is that you think you're breaking. Is it "I won't bend over for assholes" like mentioned? Ain't nothin' wrong with that. The people are more important than the project. Your relationship with them is such that you don't want to do them the favor.

    I mean, I can think of a counterexample: You think gay marriage is wrong. You don't have to tell gay people that, .

    Quote Originally Posted by Not_Me View Post
    But it would have been more productive for you to have voiced your displeasure when it happened.
    Yeah, this. I would take the hit and go in, then tell them how you feel, so hopefully it doesn't happen again. Although they did cancel you twice...

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    forced by circumstance into a job. boss being aware of situation, hacks hours elsewhere in the week. hours needed to sustain your household and food on table and such? due the cut forced into picking up the hours, where an other may have dropped the shift that they may have not wanted to work. possibly some favoritism? breaking you out of the routine or scheduled time off on their every whim? feeling like a puppet? this may be totally off.

    infringing on the existing part.

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