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Thread: NF's what jobs have you tried and liked-disliked?

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    Retail sales for a cell phone company. HATED it.

    Lots of restaurant work. Meh. It is what it is.

    Typist at a law firm. Billing/receivables type job for a car company. Like(d) both of these as they are both isolated and repetitive, which I tend to like. In my current job at the car company I like some of the side projects working with spreadsheets and creating new internal processes. I also get to listen to my iPod all day, which is a major plus for me.

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    Babysitting-- Enjoyed/still enjoy it. I did it a lot during the summer after high school, and I still do it a few times a month. Love kids and want a lot of my own. It is not always the most fulfilling or intellectually stimulating experience to babysit, but I am not their mother, so the situation isn't exactly comparable to motherhood.

    Tutoring-- I really like teaching and explaining concepts one-on-one, so for the most part I enjoyed this job. Plus, I tutored my cousin of all people, so I got lots of breaks, free food, money, PLUS plenty of laughs.

    Student assistant-- Right now I work as a student assistant in an administrative office on campus. It's incredibly dull and slow-paced, but easy (I'm at work right now, lol). I don't mind the tasks (filing, typing, etc.), but I would definitely prefer to work more with people directly and to do something more "of value."

    Piano teacher?-- I am currently considering quitting this job and taking a job offer to go teach kids beginner piano. I think I'd enjoy this way more... especially at $32/hour.

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    Jobs I dislike(d):
    -Retail- shitty pay. Torture.
    -Graphic Design- Freelance/full-time. Sitting behind a computer for 40 hrs/week did not do it for me. Freelance work requires that you're good at negotiating contracts, and I would say it accounts for at least 50% of the work. On the other hand, I really loved working at my own pace, and being able to stay at home and blast up my music.
    -Optician- boring.

    Jobs I loved:
    -Volunteer Math tutor at the local community college. I loved working with retired professors/students who craved learning. Very inspiring atmosphere.

    -Volunteerwork overseas with the American Pediatrics Society- really fun, really draining, well worth the trip.

    -Working at the pharmacy- Clicked w/INTJ boss. I love her. I also loved being able to work as a translator, and most of all, being able to offer really cheap meds for those who really need it. I loved connecting with the customers. I also really enjoyed my coworkers.

    Careers that attract me most:
    -Has to have some kind of social activity involved.
    -Allows room for improvisation, creativity, and something that I can see myself growing and branching out in.
    -Something that fits my values.

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    Teaching dance: Meh. It's something I can do, but I don't enjoy it. Which isn't fair to whoever I'm teaching...

    Cafeteria at college: Fuuuuuuuuck I hated this job. Too fast paced. At the end of each day I felt like my brain had exploded.

    And my bosses were terrible. I had to change my schedule once because I got a part in the faculty dance concert, so I went out of my way to make an appointment with them. I explained the situation and gave them a printed-out version of my rehearsal schedule. They were really nice about it, so we figured out what new shifts I would be working. Boss #1 is typing it in the computer, boss #2 is writing it down on a sheet of paper. 2 months later, and they're (out of the blue) telling me I've missed work 5 times and are calling my room on Saturday mornings...while I'm in rehearsal. I kindly remind them about the time I went in to talk to them, and they flat-out told me it never happened. I ended up quitting before the school year was even over.

    Babysitting: No. Never again. I've learned the only children I like are my younger siblings. (Or well-behaved ones.)

    Mail Center at college: The Best Job of All Time. Really. So it basically boiled down to sorting things all day, but it turns out sorting and organizing is actually mentally relaxing for me. The only thing I didn't like was answering the phone, but I got over that eventually. It was very low-key...there were people who would come in to mail things or pick up stuff, but it wasn't overly busy. Plus, I only worked with maybe 2 other people, and my boss, so you got to know each other pretty well. Of course it got boring at times, but nothing too terrible. Like I said, you got to know each other really well, so during down times we had some pretty interesting conversations.

    Teaching English to Japanese kids: Nope. I did this job as an experiment, just to see what would happen. I wasn't very good at it.

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    Carpentry, hated it.
    Ground control to Major Tom

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    I haven't liked most of the jobs I've had. (enjoyed would be a better word)

    I worked in car sale as an assistant/secretary and in cafes&diners and I really started to dislike it because of the hurry and dealing with so_many_people in a horrible rush and the repetition. I mean I disliked them both but not because they sucked as such but I didn't enjoy them that much either.

    Babysitting I've surprisingly found extremely rewarding. I always thought I'd never get along with kids but in the contrary I feel like it's very satisfying and enjoyable and ... natural.

    I think I'd really like to work in a small coffee shop or a bookstore, or some kind of an organic foodstore.. Without the horrible rush..

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    not many for now,

    doing various phone questionarres.... - heh, it's boring, but again, it's easier than many other students jobs.

    and math tutoring, i LOVE that one, because it's better payed, and i love to teach.

    maybe some other too, cant remember.

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    this may not be a NF thing particularly but work choice has been one of the toughest decisions i've had to make for myself. but then again maybe it has been a heart concern, finding the right vocation, being that i still don't feel i've found my calling.

    the most rewarding job i've held were those working with people, disabled people at that, but this could be due to my age and station in life. i've finally realized i have to work to maintain my independence, so i have put in a greater effort thus developing my potential and receiving greater feedback from my work and from what i'm capable of doing.

    if i had it to do again, i would choose to work in a writing career maybe editing alas my spelling stinks, but have no doubt about becoming very good at this. i would have also liked directing film or being a cinematographer. maybe i would have chosen to work hard towards a path in dance like the choreography portion of it.

    if i had to work somewhere for minimum wage it would be working in a copy center or else filing somewhere. i am an introvert for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Retail - boring. Customers are irritating. They had the audacity to push me to sell when I got 0 commission.
    Just wondering, was this retail job at Best Buy?

    v.v I worked there for two years, and that was by far, the worst job ever. And I disagreed with their selling strategies. Conning people with the foot-in-the-door technique was basically the companies mission statement.

    Also, a soccer referee. One would think that parents of 8 -10 year old kids wouldn't be very competitive, but they would start physical fights with each other during half time, causing games to end early, and coaches getting banned from the league. What kind of example is that for your children?? >=/

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    -Piano teacher (disliked when I taught nothing but unmotivated five-year-olds)
    -High School English Teacher (HATE the bureaucracy so much though)
    -Mural painting (can zone out while making art... it's pretty awesome)

    -House painting (oh god the monotony... and it never ends)

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