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Thread: INFJs and bad taste in music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    well i have been looking to settle down with a rich rock star- i need someone to appreciate my cooking! maybe we could have a 4-some with isaak brock while listening to the pretenders back on the chain gang? i'll pencil you (plural) in for thursday?
    I'll make baby cum angels fly around you all night, sweetheart. (No need to invite Brock though--I hear he rapes people.)

    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    also you know i don't perform fellatio on other infjs. that's incest. that's gross.
    That's cool. I'm not INFJ, now am I?

    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    also: animal collective is the new radiohead. it's not the 00s anymore, guy.
    lol @ inferior Se
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyGrass View Post
    I've heard a few people say this, and I'll have to admit I was a little surprised. I know I'm lousy at gymnastics, dancing and not running into corners, but music? <blink>

    If you believe INFJs have lousy musical taste, I'd love to first hear what you define as "bad music", and then, explain what it is about INFJ-ness that predisposes us to being musically backward.

    Then, if I'm not totally intimidated, and if you'd indulge my vanity, I'll state what music I love, and you can let me know if it's something I shouldn't talk about at a party. Go!
    Hmmm...from my very small personal sampling I'd say no. There doesn't seem to be a correlation between bad music and INFJs.

    An INFJ I dated has great taste of music. Meaning there's a lot of overlap. So you can't be bad. Another INXJ roommate of mine also had some overlap with music that I like.
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