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Thread: NF Comedians

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    Quote Originally Posted by ergophobe View Post
    Robin Williams, Martin Short, Carol Burnett....just a few ENFP comedians that are mentioned most often. They seem to be able to detach just fine and aren't all feminists, running around supporting causes but with poor humor.

    ENFP Profile
    Not familiar with CB, but the other two are certainly ENFPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by visaisahero View Post
    George Carlin is ENTP personified! I should think Russell Brand is, too. ENTPs tend to be more analytical and insensitive, and less forgiving or sympathetic than ENFPs.

    Sasha Baron Cohen strikes me as an INTP
    Wrong on all three typings, please pay attention to the actual attitudes of the functions if you are unsure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    Yeah, hate to say it, but ENFP is probably the least likely to be a successful comedian.
    ENFPs are by far the most overrepresented MBTI type among successful comedians, both in standup and shows like SNL. Even more so among improv groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post

    Eddie Murphy is ESFJ too, I believe.
    Arguably the best player in the history of a sketch comedy show with the history of SNL an ESFJ? Think a bit. Can someone who primarily extroverts Ne be an SJ of any kind?

    Here's Eddie: YouTube - Eddie Murphy-Mike Tyson

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLessard View Post
    Jerry Seinfeld is supposed to be INFJ.
    He is an ENTP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by compulsiverambler View Post
    I think Stephen Colbert belongs on that list too.
    He's not an ENFP. I suspect he's an INTP: YouTube - Stephen Colbert Full Interview on The Today Show.03-19-2K9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahNounBlah View Post
    I don't know what Bill Hicks was, but the "People Who Hate People" club doesn't sound ENFP to me.
    Comedy is supposed to be funny. It involves humor.

    And anger, incidentally, drives a hell of a lot of great comedy. Lenny Bruce, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    During that interview he's sliding in and out of character a little.

    I think Extrovert because he seems quite talkative and initiating in groups, for example in the Paley Centre convention that's on Youtube. Also, most tellingly to me, his interaction with the audience before each recording is reportedly highly energetic and spontaneous. It sounds like he feeds off the audience, and all kinds of audiences far more than an Introvert would. During one Conan interview which I'll try to find again now, he began dancing and singing around the stage, getting the audience to join in, and in another he crowd-surfed during the commercial break. This despite the fact that he's working with groups of people all day (writers, editors etcetera). It seems there's really no room for time alone in his work schedule on the show and I'm not sure how an Introvert would thrive while keeping that up continuously, as he seems to from behind the scenes footage.

    I think Feeling because he seems very emotionally expressive and comfortable talking about feelings (see how easily sincere "I love [someone]" slides off his tongue twice in the interview I linked to). He's also quite religious and the way he discusses this is quite Feeling oriented: he talks about being 'moved' etc., not about finding alleged fulfilled Biblical prophecies or accuracies, or reasoning that there must be a Creator, as Ts would tend to. Look at this for example from 2007:

    The minute I went to college, I didn't believe in God. The minute I had an opportunity to sort of be out from under the constant exposure to my faith, I accepted the opportunity to not believe. And I was very convinced of my atheism for a long time, and I was very depressed about it. I wanted very much to believe... I wanted the idea that I would see my father and my brothers again, and it was heartbreaking to think that that wouldn't happen. The fool says in his heart that there is no God, and I was sad to be that fool. I would rather have been a fool for God, but I was so convinced that believing in God was foolish. There were five years maybe when I couldn't think of why to get up. That wasn't good. But the desire to believe always was there. The fact that thread was never cut was helpful. Then one day, a Gideon gave me a Bible walking down a street in Chicago.... [...]

    “It was so cold, I had to crack the pages,” he recalls. “I flipped it open, and it had a list of things to read about if you were feeling different ways. Under ‘Anxiety,’ it said ‘Matthew V,’ the Sermon on the Mount.” He paraphrases: “‘Who among you by worrying can change a hair on his head?’ It spoke to me.”

    None of this is really conclusive, but these things together make me lean quite far towards F. I too would LOVE to believe in some kind of religion, and I've a few times started thinking, screw it, it feels so real when I immerse myself in it, I'll just assume there are explanations for these logical flaws and devastating facts I see and let myself believe anyway, I'll go and get baptised tomorrow, lol... but I'm not a strong enough Feeler to actually have done that yet. I usually lose touch with that intense feeling by the next morning and so regain the ability to think it through logically and thoroughly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    No, he extroverts Se.

    when and where

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    Maria Bamford
    Demetri Martin 4w5

    Richard Pryor 5w4
    Dennis Miller 5w6
    Raymond Burr
    Tina Fey 6w7
    Norm MacDonald

    Larry David 6w5
    Seth McFarlane 3w4
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Jeaneane Garofalo
    Mike Judge

    Stephen Colbert

    David Sedaris 4w3
    Steve Carrell 3w4

    Jim Carrey 1w2
    Steve Martin 8w7
    Phil Hartman
    Jim Gaffigan
    David Cross 1w2
    Bill Maher 8w7
    Ricky Gervais

    Dave Chappelle
    Bill Cosby 7w6 (esfj?)
    Robin Williams 7w6
    Will Ferrell 7w6
    Paul Mooney
    Eddie Murphy 7w8 (esfj?)
    Andy Kaufman
    Lewis Black
    Tracy Morgan
    Gene Wilder 7w6
    Gilda Radner

    Bill Murray 3w4
    George Carlin 7w8
    Mitch Hedberg 4w3
    Douglas Adams
    Sasha Baron Cohen 7w8
    Jon Stewart 7w8
    Sarah Silverman 7w8
    Brian Posehn 7w6
    John Candy 7w6
    Bruce Campbell
    Eddie Izzard
    Conan O'Brien 3w4
    Howard Stern 7w8
    Matt Groening
    Trey Parker 7w8
    Chris Rock


    Jerry Lewis

    Drew Carey
    Chris Farley
    Martin Lawrence
    Pauly Shore
    Jamie Foxx

    Dane Cook
    Dennis Leary
    Jack Black
    Will Arnett
    Tim Allen
    Andrew Dice Clay

    Adam Sandler
    Damon Wayans

    D.L. Hugley

    Jerry Seinfeld 5w4 intp? (not infj)
    Woody Allen 3w4? intp?
    Jay Leno 3w2
    Ray Romano
    Carrot Top

    Johnny Carson
    Cedric the Entertainer
    David Letterman 6w5
    Roseanne Arnold 6w5

    Lord Buckley
    Lenny Bruce
    Bill Hicks
    Charles Bukowski
    Patton Oswalt
    Michael Ian Black
    Zach Galifanakis
    Abbott and Costello,
    Groucho Marx
    Seth Rogen
    Rob McElhenny

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