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Thread: How easy is it to hurt an INFJ guy's feelings?

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    Healthy INFJ.. of either gender.. Is an awesome person capable of great connection and love.. very giving ..very passionate..lots of fun..

    Unhealthy? you will have your hands full.. and never live up to the ideal they have created for you.. Hurt is all they seem to know when in an unhealthy state

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    Pretty easy, mostly when you have a big goal and it's broken or someone personally offends you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    I like INFJs and would love a male INFJ companion, but I'm worried that I would hurt his feelings all the time because of my T-ness...Should I steer clear of INFJ guys, or do you think an INFJ male in his 50's could handle the abruptness of an INTJ... namely... me?
    If a lily-livered INFP like myself can hack interacting with loved and admired INTJs, surely most INFJs can...

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    It's easy. Usually it's when it's something that I take personally. However, I like to pretend that I don't have feelings so when they are hurt I don't let the offender know.

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    INFJs are very tuned in to the meanings behind what people say and do. Sometimes we recognize disrespect before others know they're doing it themselves. If an INFJ has been hurt by people a lot in their life, they may begin suspecting bad intentions when they weren't really there (paranoia). That's something they need to watch out for.

    In my opinion, a healthy INFJ should be able to talk these things out with someone close to them. If someone close has said something that bothers you, it's part of being in a good relationship to discuss those things in a mature, non-malignant way.

    If you're not close with the person and they say something that bothers you, if you're an INFJ you should have a good sense of their character. You probably know if their intentions are good or not. If you can tell they're not caring people, it's probably best to keep interaction with them to a minimum. Give second chances if you need to, don't completely shut out everyone, but be aware of their motives and whether they're bad or well-meaning.

    So, to answer the original poster's question, I think a healthy INFJ should be mature enough to talk about things. If people hold their anger in, that's how problems start, because it just festers. So, I'd say, go for it...Not all INFJs are like that. Actually, most probably aren't like that.
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