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Thread: INFPs idealising partners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I don't want to be mean but aren't INFPs idealising most things ?
    We idealize, but then the reality can end up even more disappointing. Idealizing your significant other only goes so far - when the bubble bursts (and it inevitably will), there must be a solid foundation based on real emotional connection and respect to maintain the INFP's affection.

    I haven't had a long term relationship (probably something to do with idealism ), but I notice that even with friendships, my idealism can go in waves. Just because the bubble bursts eventually doesn't mean it never sort of "re-forms" again, or that you cannot get past the reality of their imperfections.
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    You may get to a point in your life where you realize your placement of others on the pedestal of idealism is only a reflection of your desire for internal perfection. With this awareness, you become able to discern the difference between expecting others to be perfect and expecting yourself to be. From this "place" you can help free others from the confines of your fictional desires and help free yourself from the burden of an illogical construct. You become much more capable of seeing others with a clarity that values them as they are, and not as you wish they (ergo you) "could" be.

    Idealism is a wonderful mirror when you realize that what you seek to find is really what you seek to become.

    Let it lead you to freedom. Real freedom to value both yourself and others.

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    I think we INFPs do tend to be idealistic, but this is not harmful if used in moderation.
    I think that we should never push our partners to be something else. I would just focus on the good qualities they have currently because
    sometimes they may just be the best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual ghost View Post
    I don't want to be mean but aren't INFPs idealising most things ?

    Even 7 years after I had exactly same first thought when I saw the thread.

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