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Thread: ENFP's are PARANOID!

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    Default ENFP's are PARANOID!

    This is less the start of a thread (unless people want to roll with it) and more of apublic service announcement. I found this on another thread and more than finding it informative, it cracked me up.

    Apparently, ENFP's are prone to paranoia? As in clnical paranoia?

    In typical ENFP fashion I have yet to really study the site, but wanted to let you all know of another source to learn more about yourselves.

    The first link is to the general site with ALL MBTI types listed, the second the link to the ENFP site.

    PTypes - Correspondence of PTypes, Keirsey, Enneagram, Psychiatric, and Astrological Types
    PTypes - Paranoid Personality Disorder Criteria

    Paranoia seems on-point, though I'm almost disappointed our cousins the INFPs took 'histrionic'. I think I'm pretty histrionic.

    I would laugh, but this is no laughing matter.

    What do you all think?

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    Well that's the idea with ptypes, associating mental illnesses to neurotic unhealthy personality types. It does so with both the MBTI and the FFM. So no surprise in having a disorder associated with your type. The theory goes that the disorder in question is the one that is characteristically associated with the type, but does not mean that it is expressed in any particular person. Or so I remember. I didn't go to the web sites either, 'cos I've browsed them thru years ago.

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    There is only one type that is particularly prone to paranoia, and I think we all know which one that is.

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    Dominant N types are probably the most prone to paranoia, since their dominant function is irrational. NTs are probably paranoid types too, because the NT's functions combine to make them very skeptical...and let's face it, skepticism and paranoia are not too many blocks away from each other.

    But as a function, Paranoia is Ne-based, since it consists of seeing possibilities in the outer world.

    I don't agree with INFP and Histronic -- I think ExFJ belongs with Histrionic.

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    Yeah, I think that's more based on what occurs more often, which is different from typically. The only two definite ENFPs I know are Leos, not Scorpios, so I always associated ENFP-ness with Leos. So I wouldn't pay too much attention to it.

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    Brazz: are scorpio ENFPs supposed to be more paranoid?


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    yeah, see I am not paranoid at all and never really have been. I guess that means I'm healthy and the rest of ya'll are sick! :P

    edited to add - I think I am totally histrionic though!

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    My ENFP mother has not ever been diagnosed as paranoid, but she always fears that people she meets do not like her and she makes up wierd reasons why they don't/won't. (Imagine the inner turmoil she goes through when someone forgets to answer an e-mail to her!) I have a hard time convincing her otherwise, which is such a shame! She is a really great person.

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    ok... i do get a little worked up when people don't respond to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by findthejake View Post
    ok... i do get a little worked up when people don't respond to me...

    yup that is paranoia and I am like that. Also if I just hide away for a while and people that I consider to be friends don't contact me then I get hurt and think why do I bother.

    Usually it's in these moments that I drift away and people think it was I who chose to end the friendship when really they weren't there. It's an odd childish thing that I battle, after all it takes 2 to make a friendship

    why I can reason it in my mind and still not have it make sense is well odd.
    ~t need of hugs please...
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