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Thread: What do you fear?

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    the Reptilian new world order.

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    I fear making a stupid mistake that causes harm like standing under a carnival ride and getting whacked to death, or hitting an old lady crossing the street because I was looking at someone walking their Great Pyronese, etc. I have control over my motives, but less control over my spaciness.
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    Failure and disappointing the people important to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
    and more than anything else: solipsism
    you mean the egocentric miss-interpretation of incomplete emptiness? i experienced that once, drug induced. (i assume you have experienced it, or else why would you fear it? how would you even know what its like? or maybe you imagine something? you might have something in mind that is entirely different from my experience, of course.) it has been really nasty and traumatic. and paradox. like "oh shit, no one exists, they are all just in my mind and the existence of my mind is unexplainable. i must warn everyone to not take this drug. they must not find out. no one could live and anticipate death if they imagine it like that" ... the fear that death could be like that, would be a biggest fear for me, if i could not believe that it's going to be rather different, based on other experiences that i had later, which are also somewhat horrible but less pointless/static, not like "this is all that really exists. everything else is gone" but more like "this is a difficult empty situation, but its changing and it will become better. new stuff will arise, like: the love is still out there, i am just temporarily in a different place".

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfp1091 View Post
    I decided to make this topic right now and I think that we can share some of ourselves to the other people in this forum. So I think I'll start. I fear:

    - Darkness.
    - To be rejected
    - Being manipulated by other people.
    - when thinking that I really like someone that is my friend and in the end that guy wasn't my friend at all.
    - To lose myself and become someone that i'm not.
    i like that list, because i believe that its characterizing the enfp well.

    it shows the strong eneagram nine-ish aspect of enfp, which can cause them to become socially rather "introverted" - and also meticulous and conservative about how to implement changes to a system/routine. i would love to have data, to compare the fears of esfp and enfp. according to carl jung enfp have a Si shadow and esfp have a Ni shadow - i wish i would have more insight into that.

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