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Thread: Fun = pure chaos?

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    To use an analogy I read somewhere, it's like we are all a rider and an elephant and the elephant wants to do it's own thing, which is your fun chaos and the rider is you seeing that that isn't what you want as it's ruining your long term situation. The rider is trying to gain control and is Losing to the stronger will of the elephant, and it seems like the only way the rider has that works is to lock away the elephant, so as not to give the elephant the choice. By the way feel free to change the animal, I'm not calling you an elephant . Maybe a wild horse sounds better.

    It's hard to control the wild animal when it gets a taste of fun and the dominant part of you is satisfied with short term gain and the long term gain isn't a persuasive enough argument in the face of it. Only you can find a way to control you. You just have to find a the right technique. Kind of like the horse whisperer. One doesn't have to dominant the other this only leads to chaos. The key is to find the balance so they share a harmony with each other.
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    The idea of pure chaos being fun just sends shivers up my spine, but I'm a pretty expressed J.

    I think you should do whatever works for you, assuming you're prepared to live with the consequences (in this case, not having a super clean carpet ).
    "There's no need to be embarrassed about it, Mr. Spock. It happens to the birds and the bees!"

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    I was walking out of a taco shoppe today and absent-mindedly comparing my current physical condition and appearance with my appearance at the beginning of last night. Thought of this thread and began laughing.

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    yeah i have to try really hard not to spend my money on spur of the moment fun...i kinda like to surprise people close to me with's hard not to....just today in fact almost did something sweet...but stupid.

    was thinking about it too and decided i needed to open another account to use for this sort of thing.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
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    My life tends to go in that cycle too..
    Wild vs. Controlled
    Wild vs. Controlled.

    When i'm in control I miss the wild.
    When I'm in the wild I miss the control.

    But one thing I do find is that I don't really have a choice.
    I'm either wild and out of control and having fun and having no concept of time or what's going on,
    Or i'm super controlled. Every minute, every cent to the penny, every activity.
    What gives? I can't find balance either.
    Just enjoy it I spose.

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    I was so thinking this yesterday after my own wild weekend.

    "Rach, you really should start being more responsible!"

    I do chaotic fun only, really. I think it provides the most entertainment, most interesting experiences and the best stories. I think it goes along with my love of the strange... sensible is too normal... and boring. At the same time, chaotic fun sometimes leads to an $800 bar bill on a Thursday evening... ugh. This has me questioning how much I am paying for my "FUN" life experiences.

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    I have never tried to type my sister, but she is definatley E. We have always had the saying, telephone, television, and tele-nikki. She was one of the forms of mass communication. But when I was like 13 she used to hand me a huge chunk of her paycheck to hold onto so she didnt spend it. The other part she would hold onto and could spend as she wished. It was more of a way to limit impulses from me and her boyfriend(might as well be husband) since all she had to do was ask for it back no questions from me.

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    Berbs, I scouff at the idea of the "right way" of doing things for everyone (and I'm an SJ!). I think it's your life so you should do what makes you happy! No regrets.

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