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Thread: ENFJ's: White Knight Syndrome? Prevalent?

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    I believe my boyfriend does this with his friendships. I believe he tried (or thought he was doing) this with me till I called him on it. Does the book exclusively assign this syndrome to romantic relationships or any relationships?
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    I used to have a friend with a serious case of White Night Syndrome. It seems like the only women he was attracted to had serious issues. He was bound and determined to make it all better. The next thing you know, he would be overwhelmed by the drama they brought with them then he would break away. I suggested that he leave the damsels with their distress and instead he should seriously think about going to school to become a counselor or therapist. He married one of these emotionally unstable little creatures, saving her from a life of abuse from her parents, etc. About 8 months later my friend was taking extra work to avoid coming home at nights which made her a shreaking banshee because now her husband is abandoning her, next thing you know, she's trying to find ways to get even with him, etc. It got terribly ugly and only lasted about 2 years. Unfortunately, there was a beautiful baby involved.

    My friend was a wonderful guy but I used to wonder what the heck was wrong with him.

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    I dated a guy for a brief period who treated me like a princess, I wonder if he had White Night Syndrome to some extent. It was fun to be spoiled like that but my strong intuition was throwing up red flags about him, so I kept my emotions in check. It's a good thing I did because about 3 months later the guy took a 'brief trip' out of state to visit his parents and never came back. The last time I heard from him was while he was 'visiting the parents', he sent roses to my workplace with a note saying he missed me, etc. then disappeared as if he had been hit by a truck or something. It was very strange. As the universe would have it, a couple of weeks after he didn't come back, I was looking over a bunch of books on clearance and there on top was a book about men who can't commit. They call him the Don Juan, someone who wants intimacy so he'll do anything he can to win a woman over as quickly as possible so he can feel those romantic feelings. He drips with charm and pampers her. She finds it all confusing but given the attention (flattery) he pours on her, she eventually starts to have feelings for him too, after all, she's not used to men acting this way, he must be crazy about her. This is when he starts to get antsy because he can see that she's wanting to get closer to him and will most likely want to be in a relationship. This is where the Don Juan starts to get a serious case of the jitters. He doesn't want confrontation since it's completely in opposition to his methods so he disappears. Like I said, I wasn't in love with this man, and I knew that it wasn't my fault, I knew there was something wrong with him (or he was married or something), but after I read the book I just felt sorry for him, how sad not to have a shot at normal relationships. I hope he's doing OK out there somewhere.

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