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Thread: The dark side of ENFPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    There are a lot of qualities described in this thread which I would describe as negative but accurate. However, there are only so many that I would describe as being dark.

    1. Ne really goes places it shouldn't go sometimes.
    yeahhh. i feel like an ENxP probably came up with rule 34. lord knows that's a bit dark.

    i think my darkest behavior would be the Fi/Te attack. it's pretty easy to hurt someone... just aim straight for internal weaknesses and let Ne play its connecting game to jump from painful truth to painful exaggeration-that's-sort-of-truthy-but-overly-dramatic

    it's the dark side of what makes NFPs healers, i guess. the same thing that can give people quiet, accepting comfort can also rip up in loud, violent shreds.


    also - to whoever said don't know how to punish - yes. i'm a big advocate of behavior modification but i'm rather bad at enforcing it. i understand the principles very well but see so many subtleties and nuances that it's hard to make judgment calls on situations. just one more reason i really need my spouse to be a J dom (i wouldn't really call this "dark", though, just kind of a fail)

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    -VERY manipulative.
    -Mean, sometimes even abusive, to those that are close to him/her. Knows how to hurt them and push their buttons.
    -Self-absorbed, bratty, whiney.
    -Depressed, often basking in misery.
    -Going out into world with a "fuck everything" type of attitude.
    -Explosive anger, almost to the point of being dangerous.
    -Throwing fits and tantrums.
    -Rebellious and risk-taking attitude, love to cause trouble.
    -Lazy and irresponsible.
    -Indulgence in drugs, alcohol, comfort food, etc.

    I was very close to an ENFP, and that's what I saw and experienced at the darkest/unhealthiest times.

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