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View Poll Results: ENFPs: What type are you most attracted to?

51. You may not vote on this poll
  • ESFJ

    3 5.88%
  • ESFP

    3 5.88%
  • ESTJ

    2 3.92%
  • ESTP

    3 5.88%
  • ENFJ

    12 23.53%
  • ENFP

    9 17.65%
  • ENTJ

    10 19.61%
  • ENTP

    16 31.37%
  • ISFJ

    3 5.88%
  • ISFP

    4 7.84%
  • ISTJ

    4 7.84%
  • ISTP

    8 15.69%
  • INTJ

    12 23.53%
  • INTP

    13 25.49%
  • INFJ

    21 41.18%
  • INFP

    14 27.45%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: ENFPs:What type are you most attracted to? (romantic)

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    ENFP + INFP = kryptonite, deadly, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

    Man, I effin' hate you INFPS!!!! You always fug me up emotionally in the WORST WAY!!!! Arrrrrrggghh!!! I can never tell if you're effed in the head until AFTER I've fallen for you and you tell me you care for me. Bastards.

    I have an INFP ex girlfriend (ended horribly), just got out of a 6 month dating situation with another INFP woman (ending horribly), and got smitten with yet another INFP woman this spring (not going too well).

    Damn you and your irresistable hotness!! :steam:

    It's freakin' magnetic and unfortunately often mutual...If it wasn't mutual at least I could stop at the "ooh, what's that? " phase like often happens with ENTPs (see below)

    I can spot you INFPs from a stand-offish mile away.
    ENFP + INTP = hot and cold

    Not to be crude, but some of the physically hottest people I've been physically involved with were INTPs (tied with INFPs in this category! HA HA HA and x2).

    I think personality actually had not so much to do with the attraction as, well, lust. I verily lusted after these people. They were THAT hot (to me).

    However, I generally do not feel a romantic spark or pull towards INTPs. And the personality mismatch in those situations did not make for a romantic relationship, in fact, even with the high lust factor, it was clear it was not nor would be romantic relationships.

    On the friend tip though we generally get along really well and can have good conversations. But day-amn some of you are hot (random aside, there are a lot of lesbian INTPs).
    ENTP + ENFP = WTF???

    Okay, I love ENTPs. The ENTPs who are grown-up and aren't douchey (we all know you can be douchey, so don't even pretend).

    But you know what happens???

    You know how people always complain how ENFPs are really flighty and get you interested in them and then disappear as soon as you show interest??



    Perhaps it's a karmic lesson?

    I do have one ENTP female friend crush and I love hanging out with her and she loves hanging out with me. (You can gag now) She has very good Fe.

    I think with ENTPs (same with INTPs) there is no middle ground. I'm either entirely uninterested or even turned off or else I'm like " Oooh, look at the pretty lights!" and I'm quiteattracted.

    You know when you're so attracted to someone that you aren't sure if it's romantic or not, you just know you really like spending time with that? It's kinda like that.

    So why don't you guys like me more?!?!?!?

    Jerks. :yim_phbbbbt:
    PS ^^ Like I put that all in quotes?!
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    can't really relate to INFPs (only know one and althoug he's hot we were never into each other. Best friends though)

    But + 1 on the other two types!

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    ISTPs and INFJs the most, equally, and for different reasons. Lately I've been going through more of an SP phase.

    Followed by INTP.

    I get along well with all NTs at first but ultimately I find I don't click too well with them as people when push comes to shove.
    sparkly sparkly rainbow excretions

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    holy shit am I a feeler?
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    We got 7 votes. I sense that we have luck.
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    INFJs are very popular with you gals I see.

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    Don't give Peguy too much room to run. Things might get crossways. Us ENFJs will as long as the NTs don't vote us to oblivion.
    "In the end it is not a matter of reason; it is a matter of love." - St. Thomas More

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENFJ_Catholic View Post
    Don't give Peguy too much room to run. Things might get crossways. Us ENFJs will as long as the NTs don't vote us to oblivion.
    Pay no heed to the above Papist, the incenses obviously got to him today at mass.

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    Hahaha INFJ/ENFJ rivalry. Gotta love it.
    If you are interested in language, words, linguistics, or foreign languages, check out my blog and read, post, and/or share.

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    I think the incense did get to me today...I like that smiley. That plays well to your target, Peguy.

    "In the end it is not a matter of reason; it is a matter of love." - St. Thomas More

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    You just love me LL, admit it.

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