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Thread: Feelers: What Do You Really Think About Thinkers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reality.ensues View Post
    Sometimes I think they're lucky. Other times I feel sorry for them.
    This, too, plus annoying.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    for me i find thinker types have been the type most often to draw me in to a relationship (especially of the opposite sex type) and leave me feeling worthless. i find thinkers to be provocative, challenging me to question my status qua, calling my emotional bluff, and helping me reach a conclusion faster than other types. they also irritate me to no end! i hate it when thinker types can reason all the way through my emotions to get at the unreasonable conclusion and tempt me to believe they hold deep feelings about things only to refuse to understand them or say they don't matter anyway. that's just ... start. sorry, not very balanced atm

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    I usually think THINKERS are heartless assholes who have their head up their asses.

    Which is why I disagree with Kiersey saying I should date an ESTJ or ENTJ chick.

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    Thinkers make me feel a little inadequate, especially NTs. I feel like an over-emotional idiot =)
    Some of the people I connect best with are thinkers. I get on very well with INTJs and INTPs.
    I fall out with ENTPs a lot, there's only one who I have remained friends with. With the others it started out great but we rubbed each other up the wrong way.
    I only know one ENTJ and he's very dear to me.
    Alot of my friends as school were STs, I'd say the majority were ISTP/ESTP. I seem to get on with thinkers well, but I do annoy them, what with me trying to turn them into NFs ;P
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    I am curious about how some thinkers that I've seen post on here believe that everything stems from rationality. That "humanity" originates soley from E=MC^2, and anything else is worthless "fluff" that is only meant to service E=MC^2. Meaning doesn't come from T alone: it comes from a mixture of F and T. I am not trying to begrudge Ts their rationality and logic; in fact, I admire their skills in these areas. However, the arguments of certain Ts that F is not as important as T have missed the point of being on this cold rock floating through space. T alone may get you past the Turing test, but being self-aware and being a fully self-actualized human are not the same thing. All Ts have F, and all Fs have T. We would do better to always remember that and try to develop our less-developed functions. The point isn't to argue which one is better or more important than the other one; the point is to develop all functions as fully as possible.

    I like a lot of Ts on here; the only ones that I have a problem with are those who exhibit the thinking described above...
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    I find I am most attracted to thinkers of the opposite sex and feelers of the same sex. I don't know what it is exactly about those thinker men that make me weak in the knees. Perhaps it is the challenge of getting them to open up more emotionally, or admiration at being able to be more logical about things than I tend to be. Sometimes it is like they are part of me that is lacking and make me feel balanced. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head but hard to express with words.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I wish we had a Feelers private forum so the SF could reply on this thread but we don't so...

    Anyway, what do the folks here in the NF private forum really think about Thinkers?
    I like them to open up their brains and display all their contents on the table so i can pick out all the wonderful info and ignore the rational garbage.
    I like intellect, it can be very attractive. But NOT EVERYTHING is black and white. Love is real baby get used to it!

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    Depends. If they have a sentimental streak that I can see through the tough exterior it drives me crazy. In the good way. I will dote like a puppy.

    If they can make me think and see something new without talking down to me they end up being my closest friends. I like them better alone than in a group. I don't feel like I have much to add when I'm sitting in the middle of a group of thinkers. Well, that actually depends. Sometimes, I do, but I don't always share it because I'm having more fun listening to them do mental gymnastics. Secretly bowing at the altar of logic. I so love geeky men.

    Women thinkers are harder for me to understand. I feel for them. They seem to feel slightly misplaced where ever they go. I want to scoop them up and take them in, but they aren't usually real receptive. The ones that are usually take to me in and become super protective. It's always a surprisingly flattering feeling.
    "We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I think they're damn dirty apes!!!

    Seriously, the thing that bothers me about many of them (not all) is that they become too impressed with their logic and all the facts they've memorized, like no one else knows things! Too many don't have the common sense and wisdom to really make things work well though. We all need to be balanced as human beings. Especially younger T's, tend to go overboard with logic and knowledge and avoid tending their commons sense and wise mind. This makes them unbalanced and less able to positively interact with others.

    Not that T's are the only kind that have problems interacting. But for T's, when problems do arise, its often the arrogance that gives them trouble in inter-personal relationships. For we feelers, its a whole other set of circumstances.
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