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Thread: Touchiness... ENFP version

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    I'm not a very touchy feely person, and neither is my enfp brother. Both raised by unaffectionate parents so it most likely comes from that.

    I don't like people touching me unless I have invited it, or they are in my trusted zone.

    My friend calls herself the treehugger whenever she hugs me because I'm as stiff as a board lol.

    With my kids I am very touchy feely and freely give my affection (it was hard to start off with though) but they are in my trusted zone.
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    Wow! This us so crazy! I always wondered why it felt awkward when people try to hug me. But it's different sometimes like when I see someone who looks or seems like they are a person who isn't physically Affectionate as well. I have a huge urge to hug those people and make them feel something. I can't really explain it any other way I don't think

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