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Thread: NF's and boredom

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    When I run out of things to keep Ne entertained then I do end up with a hollowed out empty blahness. I dont want action or adventure, but I want things to connect endlessly, like a neverending game of tetris or puzzles. When I run out of puzzles, or there is nothing neat on the horizan I start to feel really blah.
    If the puzzles have a people componenet even better.

    What this means is that I have an endless string of hobbies/interests that border on obsessive interest. Horses, chickens (I love chickens!), plants, neuropharmacology, and so on... With the plants, I endlessly rearrange them, pick at them, move them, then add more.. All the puzzles are like that-I pick and pick and manipulate to keep myself entertained.

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    It varies. I can entertain myself for hours with next to nothing or get bored with everything and look for something to do.

    I get restless - like I'm waiting for something and don't know what that is. Thats when it is the worse.

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