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Thread: poetic urges

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    Yes I get bursts of creativity all often. No rhyme or reason to them, they just arrive at random moments and hopefully I'm in a position to record my thoughts.

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    poetic urges
    more like homosexual tendencies, amirite gaiz?
    Listen to me, baby, you got to understand, you're old enough to learn the makings of a man.

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    you bastard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelchild View Post
    Interesting. Sometimes I try to write through dry spells, but my writing is absolutely awful. Do you have any tricks to keep your mind/pen moving and get through writer's block?
    Meh; sorry it took me forever to reply. Honestly, I do a lot of "writing-about-writing." A long time ago, after a comparatively long (for me) dry spell, I wrote about having writers block, and it turned into something about how I didn't deserve to write because of some flaw or other, and it ended up being one of my best poems in that "phase". I kinda got into the habit of writing-about-writing and seeing what results that produces. Then, besides that, there are always certain things I can read that put me into a poetic space (a good metaphor for it is "exciting" an electron into a higher energy level): Harold Bloom, Wallace Stevens, Walt Whitman (often entirely too painful/unpleasant), Fernando Pessoa... and then writing one poem will start another idea which leads to another poem which leads to another idea which leads to another poem... but I could go on about poetry and my process forever, so I'll spare you.

    more like homosexual tendencies, amirite gaiz?
    Apparently, for some people they're the same... (see: Hart Crane; Walt Whitman...)

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