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Thread: Why are emotions so important to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    Emotions affect everyone a lot. Not focusing enough on them is a mistake.
    That is exactly why I am opening all those threads about feelings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gengar View Post
    Dear INTJ fella,

    Let me ask you this, what is the underlying purpose of everything you do? For achievements? For satisfaction? For ambition? Because you have to in order to survive?

    You will find that it all comes down to emotion in the end. That is why, in this sense, emotion is not only important to NFs, but all types.

    As David Hume once said, "Reason is the slave of all passion."

    Human passion can only be generated by emotions, it can't be given anyway else. You can't logically come to the conclusion that running is your passion. You have to feel it.

    Therefore, of course we put our emotions first. I believe that even you do.

    As for you first question I would say that I just want to survive and expand intellectually.

    What you have said is basicly true but not fully (from my perspective of course)

    There is one thing about expressed INTJs (or maybe it is just me). Which is that intuition can kill the feeling. What means that if something happens I will just react since I can clearly see the outcome. So I don't have to involve my feelings in the story. This can be described as pure inertia.

    People say you must use emotions to make a choice. Which is true. But I am one of those people that just charts the course and drives in that direction. Analysing everything that comes my way and will I rearrange details if needed. So I don't have to have close connection with my emotions.

    Also I don't doubt myself I only doubt the data I get and plans themselfs.
    But since I don't doubt myself as person I am quite calm.

    As for the running example I am not 100% sure about that.

    Since you can decide that running has to be your passion. (because or health for example). But in this case it is up to a debate if this is really a passion.
    But if you don't do things out of pure passion then the amount of feeling in the system is lower by default/definition.
    People usually don't understand how NTJs think and I think this is good example of NTJ approach. The only thing that is really F here are big picture goals.
    Of course things are not black and white but in my cases things are not too far from that.

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    My emotions are only important to me in that they are perpetually in my way. They keep me from making solid, rational decisions and make me behave inappropriately. I have a terrible temper and most things make me cry. This sucks.

    I try to understand emotions so that I can learn to successfully keep my own in control.

    Also, other peoples' emotions waste my time and their own. I would like to keep those in check, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kai View Post
    it's basically a nagivation device. It's the subconscious speaking out to us.
    I like how you put that.

    Yeah, I think the relative importance of both emotions and thoughts depends on the individual. Why do we pay importance to them? Because we feel all the time. Same as Ts think all the time and thus pay importance to their thought process. (gross dichotomization)

    Everyone needs emotional stability to be happy. For someone who feels very little, emotional stability must still exist though. However insignificant that person's feelings might seem, they need to be harbored healthily.

    It's just like eating or whatever. Everyone must strive to satisfy their own needs. The more you understand how they work, the content you'll be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    Why NFs care so much about emotions? What is so special about them?
    Are they important because you have alot of them or it here something else?
    (or both)
    For starters, they're important because that is our default method on how to react to situations. (Most) NFs can still be very logical and know how to separate their emotions from a situation if the time calls for it, but especially if we get wronged or betrayed, our anger can give us the determination to follow through with any threats. In situations of passion or joy, our emotions carry our actions to stay "in the moment" with the flood of energy around us.

    Are there situations in which emotions are totally irrelevant from your perspective?
    Undoubtedly: Jury duty.

    I remember that once one NF on this board said that one of his/her worst fears is that he/she will become a robot. (in emotional sense)
    So I am wondering how many NFs can relate to this.
    I don't relate at all. My emotions are like my compass pointing north, but I can choose what direction I wish to walk.

    Because you can't spell "Slaughter" without "Laughter"

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