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Thread: INFJ vs INFP -- which is more forgiving?

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    INFJs. Aux. feeling. They kick you out based on Ni. INFPs kick you out based on Fi. INFJs are more harsh about it but less likely to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by florpoetis View Post
    I was going to say INFP because I do try to understand everyone's point of view and know that everyone makes mistakes so I forgive often BUT it also depends on the situation. I never, ever forget if someone does something shitty that hurts me deeply. And like what's mentioned above, I can hold spite inside forever and all of a sudden unleash rage/revenge unexpectedly.

    I do this all the time too. I cut people out of my life ruthlessly.
    Maybe I'm a mean INFP? Lol
    I too, do the same. It actually takes A LOT, for me to dislike someone. People could wrong me left and right, and I'll most likely forgive them, so long as I feel they're genuine about their apology. If they cross the wrong line with me though, or cause deep emotional pain, I shut the door on them so fast without second thought. At that point, it can be difficult for me to allow that person back into my life. Even if I do, there will always be that tinge from when they did hurt me so deeply. A deep emotion is never easy to forget. Tie that with a person, and it can be hard to overcome when someone has overstepped an Fi boundary of yours.
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    Please let this thread die. Let's focus on the individual not the mbti group. You only find their mbti when you've been around them long enough to know if they can forgive you for basic things or not.
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    I don't think I'm completely qualified to answer this, but I am an INFP and it seems pretty easy for me to forgive people.
    INFJ's are very nice and they do forgive people often, but they can't last forever, I don't think.

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