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  • people are all good, they just have some bad habits and tendencies

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  • people have bad intentions to begin with. they wont be nice unless its rewarded

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Thread: People, in general, are bad

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    I don't like either of the options....
    I am religious, and I think people are endowed with free will, so ultimately it's a choice to be good or bad. I think morals are objective of course, so there is definitely a standard of good and bad, set by God.
    I think there are other issues at stake, like an inborn conscience that everyone has (but which can be eroded or influenced) and the inheriting of sin, but I still think any individual has the capacity to be good or bad. I think people can change dramatically too....lots of "bad" people can become "good" and vice verse.

    In true INFP form, I will say I am not up for arguing religion, and will state my personal beliefs and then make a quick exit.
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    You forgot the "other" option.
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    Most people are mentally lazy, too linear, ritualistic and selfish. Some people are psyhcopathic and the rest cow to them, that's the main problem. Too many good people allow evil to get away with evil, hence the problems.

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    People's personas are bad; their true selves are good but who knows if they ever reach their true selves? Thus, there is a lot of suffering in the world...

    Edit: there's a lot more in the Enneagram on this sort of thing than the MBTI...
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    People are the product of their experiences, choices, and genetics. People chose and act constructively and destructively. Once a person's life has ended, they are the sum total of their influence on the world which can be positive or negative. In that way a person can be good or bad I suppose. The full measure of a person is probably impossible to gather since their perspective and motivation is unique.

    People are also more often than not mildly insane. It sometimes seems like even many functioning people are quite "off". It's worse than with Siamese cats actually, more complex and bizarre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speculative View Post
    People's personas are bad; their true selves are good but who knows if they ever reach their true selves? Thus, there is a lot of suffering in the world...
    Wow, that sounded like it came straight out of Persona 4 XD

    OT: I put that I think people are good. At the kernel of every action, at least from my point of view, someone is trying to do right - be it by themselves, by others, or by society. The problem is that everyone's definition of right and wrong differs so greatly, that the truth is that nothing is ever "right" or "wrong" - it is a spectrum that changes from person to person.
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    Just to be devil's advocatepeople are bad. Bad little boys and girls!
    Or rather incredible selfish, and small minded (not every body),and did I mention greedy? I like some of you though.

    In all seriousness though, Jospeh Fritzel anyone? You couldn't consider him inherently good. Ted Bundy?
    Yeah I do believe in good and evil...but for the most part I think people are just people. We are so capable of becoming monsters, but we are capable of amazing things as well. I just wish more people saw the bigger picture outside of having kids, the mortgage ect.
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    No such thing as bad or good, empty subjective concepts. What we judge as bad or good is their motivation, the more damaging they are to other people, the more they lean on the "bad" scale.

    I say humans are neutral by default, and remain so, even when they burn down the hole universe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post
    People, in general, are selfish, not bad.
    () 9w8-3w2-7w6 tritype.

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    The average person is bad only when compared to the archetype of a great person. Since people depend on cooperation throughout society in order to maintain their standards of living, it's often in our clear best interest to be good and treat people well.

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