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Thread: Do INFJs just follow the leader?

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    It depends for me. Some people, if there's a common passion or experience we have, then I take initiative and speak with them. Others, if I really admire a person, sometimes I may find it difficult to approach them and wait for them to come over to me, or at least show amicable signs. I don't always follow the leader though. It all depends on context. If it's friendly, it's easier. But when it's in a more formal setting, I tend to be less initiating.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post
    No, can't say I follow the leader, but my personality is somewhat fluid so I can adjust to different kinds of people.
    I can relate to this.

    I have sometimes been the leader when I believe strongly in something. I just incorporated a non-profit of which I am the director, and I enjoy that role. I can function as a follower or a leader just depending on what is the reasonable role to play.
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