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    Haha, As a male ENFP I would most honestly answer the OP:

    To win over an Male ENFP, all you have to do is be the object of their affection. We pretty much do the rest, and additionally project all of your weaknesses as 'soulfulness'.

    Keeping us around? Be patient, don't point out our shortcomings, observe that we take everything critically, and I mean EVERYTHING. And it helps if you don't become boring, or try and change us into regular people. Women, especially the stable and wonderful kind that ENFPs need, are apt to try and fix our weird ways which only makes us feel even more remote.

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    Default ENFPs love fun

    [QUOTE=Lightyear;567291]So what attracts an ENFP male? How do you catch him and keep him?

    Join his parade. He will invite you into his world of fun and open every door possible if he likes you. I would not expect anyone to enter all of them but some. If not we become sad and disappointed and will eventually look elsewhere.

    Basically just join him in his energy. If he likes you he will bring it to you time and time again.

    > My major problem with ENFPs is that they are just all over the place, unless you happen to see one on

    I can seem all over the place however there is a fundamental cohesiveness to it all. Spending our energy to enjoy life. It can be on every dimension. Work, social, individual projects. We are effectively boundless in our enthusiasm this way.

    I put huge energy into contacting anyone that catches my attention. If he doesn't, sorry he is not into you in some manner. If he is it can be intense in his attention, from interesting ideas and planning fun things to do. None of it is needy or clingy he loves having fun and is wanting you to join him.

    The biggest problem you might have with us is we might overwhelm you with our energy and enthusiasm. If you need to say NO, and you will :-) Do it in a polite manner or we can feel hurt and misunderstood.

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