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well..i also have an infj best friend and there is something similar about the dynamic...it's some odd psychic connection that can't be described...but...with my mom it's strange because i feel like i have this huge drive to protect her...like i want to take care of her...and she's a strong independent person who doesn't need it and never has...we have a really close special bond and she really values my advice and i'm the one she comes to to discuss things...and we can talk for hours and do every time one of us calls...we have the same moral code...the same depth and view of the world...but i'm more blunt and sometimes jokey and sarcastic which i feel offends her sometimes...she's more sensitive than i am...she's also a lot less outwardly expressive...not a very affectionate person...and i can be...but we get each others jokes and enjoy each others company...and have an awesome adult relationship. i wasn't easy on her when i was younger and demanded way more liberty than she should've given me...she was a lax parent and i needed even more freedom...but she always knew what i was up to...she has eyes that peer into your soul...it's frightening.

that probably doesn't really relate much at all sorry.
i found out my mom is infp- so disregard any of this as being pertinent in any way haha