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Thread: NFs What personality type(s) calm you down the most and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    Yeah, I think we give off more of a frenetic energy a lot of times. Maybe we'd have a better showing in a thread about which type makes you feel the most excited
    Yes, exciting, fun, or even just encouraging/supportive. I don't expect calming/grounding from my ENFP friend, though I suspect I provide this to her from time to time.
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    enfj`s are great discussing problems with. I always feel better after and intp`s are just as wonderful with breaking things down. these 2 usually calm me down.
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    It depends on what is revving me up. In general, IXTPs calm me down, and EXFJs help provide comfort (assuming I have the types right).

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    I am usually the one helping someone else calm down.
    When I am upset, I need to get away from people...all of them...and figure things out. I don't like to talk about my problems. However, if I have to be with someone during a time when I am upset, I prefer it to be someone who doesn't require me to talk and who doesn't do any talking. For example, when my brother died, a boy from my class saw me sitting on the steps alone. He just came over and laid his hand on mine. He never said a word, but just sat beside me until the bell rang. He spent his break sitting in silence with me. That was enough.
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    My husband is my human xanax- so I will have to say ESFJ. My drama, fears and anxiety are deflated by him in a nanosecond. I go from thinking the sky is falling to, "Oh. Ok. Let's go grab a pizza." Thank God for him. My family is nuts (and so is his) but together we are insanely sane.
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