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Thread: Animals & MBTI (A thread brought to you via 'an attempt to satiate boredom')

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantailedWall View Post
    And dogs temperaments are vary quite substantially - according to breed, upbringing and...well, the individual mutt.
    Oh yeah they do. My favorite dog ever was a rottweiler. He was definitely an SJ dog. He would patrol our home and sound the alarm if there were intruders on the property, or if anything out of the ordinary was going on. When taking him for a walk, I felt quite safe.

    My current dog is a Labrador retriever. When taking him for a walk, I know that if anything frightens him (which is easy to do) he will hide behind me. He has a more pleasant disposition towards strangers than the rottweiler did. He's an outgoing SP.

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    That's a lot of cats, Shaula!

    We have two plus the little doggie in my last post.

    I'm pretty sure Jasmine, who is small, orange and fat, is an ENFP. We have nicknamed her Rapey the Cat because if you ever make the mistake of petting her she crawls all over you and rubs her face against you. If you pet her and then stop, she is almost violent in her crazed pursuit of petting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantailedWall View Post
    Before all you 'rationale' types come in and burst my bubble - yes, I'm aware that other animals (at least to our knowledge) do not have a complex enough psyche to have a Myers-Briggs personality type - however - have you ever caught yourself thinking 'wow, that squirrel is such an NF - look how it helps the other squirrels gather their nuts, but then goes to her nest seeming to need positive affirmation from her mate-squirrel'?

    It all started with my gorgeous Siberian Husky - who is such a little ExFP.
    If you know anything about Sibes you'll know they need constant attention ('pack' mentality), have boundless energy, are as playful as they come, friendly to a fault, super bright, fiercely independent (and resist all attempts at control - ever tried to train one? lol) but very loyal, distinctly loveable, easily offended but just as easily forgiving and the most ADD of all dog types. (You can be wrestling with a Sibe and have their undivided attention, someone's about to claim victory an....OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINEY)

    Have you ever started typing animals (whether consciously or not)?

    If so, share your 'findings' - and let me know I'm not the only one who has become out of control with applying MBTI

    ****This is wholly a 'just for fun' kind of excercise - again, I'm not implying animals really have types that can be defined by MBTI

    HA HA!!! I just received a husky 2 weeks ago. He's a puppy, he learns really fast and forgets it as fast as he learns. Anyway, he's a total attention whore and pretty much goes to the person who gives him more attention, so I'd say some kind of E. I hardly believe that dogs can be P or J or S or N.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantailedWall View Post
    Here's the little bugger whose insane ways started the thread.

    (This is when he's just a puppy - I have been too lazy as of yet to take a recent photo. He's much bigger these days....and more wolf-like )

    Check out them crazy eyes.
    Omg, i have just noticed how alike our dogs are!!!
    Here it's mine:

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    I have six cats (note: I suck at typing, but couldn't resist, also, I'm not as familiar with the Sensor types, and this may show)

    One diva, named Princess (I know, I didn't come up with it) and I'd say she's an ENTJ..she's pretty much the leader of the pack (as much as cats accept a leader) and no one messes with her. It's her way..or the high way (which means you get a claw in your eye). Loves attention and is utterly devoted.

    I have one male amongst my bunch of kittens and his name is Falcor. He's ENTP all the way. He loves nothing more than snoozing with his little girlfriend on my bed, which is his domain. When he's not snoozing, he's off pestering Arwen or worse, poking Princess while she's eating (needless to say, I have to medicate his eyes a lot from all the claws that land in it). Other than that he loves batting a ball around and demanding cuddles at the weirdest moments.

    Then we have our Luna. Pitchblack, and eyes like the devil. She's independent, doesn't want anyone in her space, and occasionally gets into trouble with our fearless leader Princess because of this. She doesn't like backing down. For now though, she's happy to be second in command. She also opens closets which Prin then snoozes in. Occasionally, she finds it fun to annoy some other cats when they're in on the litter tray. I'd say she's prolly an INTJ.

    Trinity is the balanced quiet one who provides a buffer between the others. She doesn't take crap however, although she has a lot of patience before she really gets pissed. And then you'd better be gone. I'm leaning towards an INFP or INFJ for her

    That leaves the last two, my hopping bunch of fuzzballs (aka long-haired ones)

    Arwen is easy going, fluffy, has that adorable rolling on the carpet (please scratch my belly and cuddle me!) thing going on, a real mommy's girl (she was handraised) and purrs in the cutest way. Also, when she hunts, she doesn't use her claws and only softly paws stuff. Utterly useless as a hunter. She gets along with everyone, but occasionally gets ambushed by them (especially Falcor) as she doesn't dare to do anything back. Nobody takes her grouches and hisses seriously. Bit of a wuss I'd say ENFP?

    is...another deal all together. Scared of people (grew up in the wild), and joined to the hip with Falcor, very blunt when she wants something (I'm sorry, were you eating? I didn't see you there as I was racing towards the food), loves to take on her big male in armed combat (claws and furr flying everywhere), and is the only one who can wear him out when playing. However, stalks him everywhere and takes her cues as to whether or not something is potentially dangerous from him. Totally devoted. I'd have to go with...INTP

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    beautiful am i evil!!!!! husky? right? beautiful...i want it!
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by erinavery View Post
    beautiful am i evil!!!!! husky? right? beautiful...i want it!

    thanks!! yes, he's soooo sweet..........when he sleeps. he can be a little devil when he wants. but he can also be a good boy.

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    Huskies are lovely, I wanted one but way out of my price range at the moment, my puppy was a freebie lol
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    Yeah, they are lovely . I actually received the dog as a present....and I have to say that the first week was horrible!!!
    But now we get along really well!!! Hopefully he'll become a nice, educated dog and won't chew up too much of my doors and furniture .

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post
    Hopefully he'll become a nice, educated dog and won't chew up too much of my doors and furniture .
    You have a lot to learn about Sibes, young padawan.

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