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Thread: Why do (if they do) INFJ's and INFP's like each other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
    And we INFPs love to get grounded, too.
    Be careful what you say. INFJs loooove to send people to their rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    Be careful what you say. INFJs loooove to send people to their rooms.
    I do that with my INTP friend all the time. Most of the calls we share end up with me pushing him to stop avoiding his problems (School work). I guess that's quite literal
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    Oo, I love INFJ's and INTP's. My two closest friends tested as those types. All together, we're extremely open minded and go along with each others weird, sporadic whims. We usually can confront each other if need be, in a very non-judgmental approach. One of my favorite things is that we constantly are jumping ideas, feelings, theories and revelations off of each other and we have a very fair relationship. No one has the upper hand or dominates the other. No one has to worry if the other is going to hurt another one's feelings by expressing their own.

    Also, we can have a hell of a good time
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