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Thread: Which other types have you found to be consistently disastrous in relationships?

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    My wife (we are separated but I for some reason don't want a divorce) is INFP. The marriage was a disaster but 3 years on, she is back to being my best friend. INFP/ENFP doesn't work when there are practicalities to deal with and bills to pay. She is my best friend, mother of my children, and an amazing woman in many ways. However, we know that getting back together again would be a fantastic disaster. I believe NFP/NFP is not a good combination.

    My last girlfriend is INFJ I believe. Possibly INTJ. Sometimes she seemed T, sometimes F. Strong J. I don't thing J/P is really a good combination. If you are a P, the J won't 'get' your need to see possibilities.

    I am starting to wonder if it would be better for me (ENFP) not to have a proper relationship, but friends who are lovers too. (I hate the terms 'Friend with Benefits' and 'F Buddy'.) I just don't see how other types could tolerate ENFP, and I'm not sure how I could tolerate other types.

    Having said that (I've said it before on here) I do seem to be attracted to INFJ girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyward View Post
    Yeah, xSTPs can feel dangerous for some reason. Might me their penchant for dangerous hobbies. (One I know built a ghetto rocket launcher)
    I don't quite know many people of different types and only guess at a few, but I figure SJs are the ones that usually give off vibes that bug me somehow, similar for ESPs, they're kinda TOO playful.
    That is actually true in light of all ESTP's. Most of them that i know are very sarcastic sometimes, rebellious, likes to have fun all the time, never likes to take anything serious unless it's games. Other than games, when they're at school, they like to gossip becuz it's FUNNY. Truly this is one type that i think is most disgusting

    ESTP's being leaders? Wat?
    1.They Gossip
    2. Dey Lazy
    3.They do bad in school

    Lol wat more can you ask for, don't date ESTP's everyone. Tip for all NF's

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    Quote Originally Posted by tortoise View Post
    I just don't see how other types could tolerate ENFP, and I'm not sure how I could tolerate other types.
    i'm no relationship expert, but i've been trying to look for balance recently. everyone is give and take... i need someone who can give a little extra where i take (being insecure, chaotic, emotional), and to whom i have something to give where they take.

    i like NFJs even though sometimes we have communication disasters and i've taken to ITJs, especially INTJ, lately because they balance me with rationality and J-ness but have a nice sense of my search for inner depth.

    though tortoise i don't think there's anything wrong with friend-lovers as long as you and the other person both are happy and secure in the relationship. i think there are a lot of possible relationship options most people don't ever even consider. i know it's a bit out there, but i know of (friend of a friend thing) a polyamourous group of three who have been in a stable and happy relationship for 15 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Random Ness
    Everyone's saying NFs and NTs should not hook up.
    oh NTs. simultaneously infuriating and irrefutably attractive

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    My last relationship was a male INFJ. We clicked immediately, but we had one major difference. I am very independent, and he was very clingy. I broke it off because I needed room to breathe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7thsomebody View Post
    ...Not even remotely interested in anything deep unless it was a pool he could swim in. So incompatible it was awful.Yet - they have this allure, male female ESTPs. One of the sexiest types I would say.
    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age. " - H.P. Lovecraft

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    I find ESTJs domineering and sometimes a bit too practical to appreciate me. I started dating a big-time ESTJ and she told me later that she had her doubts about being in a relationship with me because she didn't think "I was going anywhere in life". She was shocked when I was offended. Seeking to clarify the issue because apparently I had given an inappropriate reaction she said: Not because you're lazy, just because all of your skills are useless." We were 15 at the time. She also tried to run my life, and if I ever suggested we do anything she would demand timeframes, even for intangible things like "building trust". It was all very annoying at the time, but now I laugh about it and appreciate her efforts to help. I think MBTI helped me understand and see the humour in it. She seemed so foreign at the time, and I am sure I seemed very ridiculous to her.

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    ESTJ. So bad that it was seriously traumatic.

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