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Thread: Is there any real action in your life?

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    Default Is there any real action in your life?

    I've never fantasized about criminal activity; instead, they revolved about getting caught up in a cause, rebelling against injustice, etc. I was arrested only once in a dmonstration in D.C. It was kind of exhilarating:113 of us in a holding cell, all of us in wheelchairs. The camaraderie was great. Still, not much of a record, especially considering all the anti-war demonstrations of my youth.
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    Originally Posted by Anja
    I don't have room for shame in my life.

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    no, lord no. but if i ever do anything edgy, i'll probably become a junkie. i've always had a strangely romantic connection with the needle and the damage done. i won't ever go bill burroughs playing william tell and try to shoot an apple off my wife's head tho, that was a bad idea. i can also imagine myself tucked away in some expat opium den. that would be nice.

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    Eh, apart from being rebellious by nature and breaking some rules dealing with authority I'd say no.

    I could see myself robbing a bank, but not killing someone or beating innocent people up. A vigilante is sort of a cool concept, though, and I used to daydream about it when I was younger. I could see myself as a drug addict too, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by penelope View Post
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I live out my badassery in my dreams. I'm often some sort of assassin or vigilante, like Catwoman (and sometimes I am Catwoman). I love it.
    Episodical dreams sounds cool. My dreams are always completely unrelated.

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    In theory I'd love to live the romantic lifestyle of a marxist revolutionary. In practise it would turn me into a paranoid insomniac.
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