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Thread: INTPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine View Post
    Okay I'm actually being serious now.

    lol I'm going to leave because I've already filled this thread with like 2 pages of fluff and I know a lot of forum members don't always appreciate that.

    More performances by Sunshine and Sunshine coming soon to Sunshine's Blog.

    And by "soon" I mean "never."
    There's fluff and there's spam.....

    ....and there's you.

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    I suppose INTPs are the best NTs out there (in my opinion). I love ENTPs as well. My experience with NTJs had made me wary and sick of arrogant intellectuals, but I found NTPs to be much more open-minded and kind, even though I find it hard to understand them socially and emotionally. But I'm getting there, and I feel more and more comfortable in their presence. The two NTP colleagues I have right now are some of the most interesting girls I've met so far. My pastor at church is an INTP as well, and I've always been very good friends with him. Conversations with INTPs are just great. Integrity and humility are their trademark, or so it seems to me.

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    I like all NTs.
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