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Thread: NFs & Displays of Affection

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    I am one of those people who would love to do the kiss kiss European thing upon meeting someone (just think its kind of cool and more beautiful than a handshake, and I am a Europhile) but I agree, there are people I would NOT want to do that to! However, people in TN would be like what the h are you doing mostly, so I wouldn't go there around here. Lindsey is right...we have a little bunny marching around in our heads saying "must be authentic...must be authentic..."

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    I've never been huggy or physically affectionate, and I come from a very huggy & warm family. I don't dislike hugging, I simply don't think to initiate it. Every now & then I feel this urge to hug someone, usually when I am saying goodbye; and it's nice when a friend or family member gives me a hug, especially when I am down. I need to be better about hugging them when they need it. I just feel so awkward about it.

    It's funny, cuz I would hug my personal trainer after a work out and I'm not exactly emotionally close to her - I think the surge of endorphins made made me so happy & less inhibited that I just felt compelled to give her a hug .
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