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Thread: Does your mood change your personality types?

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    I would say that my mood makes me seem more like another personality type, but I don't know that means it's changed.

    I can look like every Introverted type except xxFP depending on my mood. I don't think I ever really look like an Extraverted type.

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    No it doesn't, sure it changes my behavior and responses, but I'm still the same. Even if I seem like something else.

    I have tested INTP and INTJ on a bad mood before though..

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    When I am more relaxed lately I call it becoming more ISTJ.

    When I have something really interesting, like an amazing book and I am eating something next to it, act on my feeling, I feel kinda like INFJ.

    When I feel more active around people, at work, I say I'm more ENTP.

    But, are all these valid? Mostly I can later on attribute these to increases of one of the indigenous functions Si, Fe mostly, as these are developing lately next to my Ne, Ti.
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