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Thread: INFP youtube music

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    [YOUTUBE="SO4LyKd-Hws"]Nemo - Nightwish[/YOUTUBE]
    "Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now, last beats in the soul.."

    Fonewearl and proud of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pockets View Post
    This is quality. I know the guy tours a lot around here in California, but never gave his music a chance. Thanks. Phew.

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    Joni Mitchell - Sweet Bird

    YouTube - Joni Mitchell-Sweet Bird
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    [youtube="MlcB5vEoP_0"]Given to Fly[/youtube]

    The entire Single Video Theory DVD is excellent. It's the only music DVD like that which I own, and I've watched it dozens of times.

    [youtube="Yh9PjcixRWQ"]Last Exit[/youtube]

    I could find many more like "Last Exit." I love this song because it rocks hard. However, it reveals most literally Pearl Jams fascination/obsession with death. This can be seen mostly in Vitalogy, but is present in almost all their other albums also; once you are looking for it a ton of their songs stand out as having death as one of, or the, main themes. Riot Act cover art had the skeletons on it for example. I am surprised Pearl Jam does not come up in INFP/type 4 discussions because of this more often...
    "How can I be, all I want to be,
    When all I want to do is strip away these stilled constraints
    And crush this charade, shred this sad, masquerade"

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    INFPs will thrive off of this song. It is one of my most favorite songs. It inspires me, it guides me..I listen to it to in tough with my inner feelings and emotions. It's such a deep song, yet so simple.

    This song is called "Sunrise" and is a piano song by Doug Hammer.

    I highly reccomend you to listen to it, it is one of my most favorite songs and always sends shivers down my spine and really mystifies my inner emotions,

    Without further introductions:

    YouTube - Doug Hammer - "Sunrise" (Piano)
    Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, and thus stabs us from behind with the thought of annihilation, when beholding the white depths of the milky way?

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    I find it hard to narrow down if most music is INFP or some other type of NF representation, but here are some songs (most don't have an actual video to go with them) from a band that I feel a strong connection to when I listen and feel are a good representation of either INFP or ENFP.

    YouTube - Two Dreams - Lunatica - New Shores
    You help me to believe that theres nothing that's impossible
    you always knew that dreams are made for living them each day

    YouTube - New Shores - Lunatica - New Shores
    A brand new thought is born in our minds
    growing and taking clear shape
    will you reach of our hands and believe
    that were leading you up to new shores?

    So come with us on a journey to irrationality
    dreams and history adventure of your life
    let yourself go
    take a step into our world of melodies
    thats where hope means everything

    YouTube - Who You Are
    You're never gonna feel
    You're never gonna heal
    You're never gonna know what's fake or real
    'Til you know who you are

    YouTube - Fables of Dreams Lunatica
    Hope for the hopeless and light for the blind
    If we let this message reach our minds
    It may enrich us or pull us down so far
    And life can be more than black and white

    YouTube - The Edge of Infinity
    To the edge of infinity, an invisible reality
    Where the power of thoughts sets me free
    On the journey to wonderland
    I will hold the key in my own hands
    If dreams can come true let us dream

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    I have not been back here in some time due to my laptop being stolen, but how nice to see people responding with music. I like that Greg Laswell and that "Sunrise" song is nice too. Funny thing, however, I have never been able to appreciate Radio Head. I have been told on several occasions that I would love the their music, but nope. Here's a Joni Mitchel I like: YouTube - Joni Mitchell's Twisted with Jiving Desert Ants

    And I suppose not so original but "Althea," this version in particular, just sucks me in.

    YouTube - Grateful Dead - Althea 03-28-81
    Individuals rock, people suck.

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    This cover of Hey Joe played by Nick Cave with Toots Thielemans always brings me to a fantasy world. I don't think this exists on mp3 and I find myself very lucky for stumbling upon this one:

    [YOUTUBE="mmuGAP8iCuM"]Nick Cave, Charlie Haden and Toots Thielemans - Hey Joe[/YOUTUBE]

    "We all have time to spend or waste, and it is our decision what to do with it. But once passed, it is gone forever. "-Bruce lee

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    I reeeeally want to believe Henriette Sennenvaldt is an INFP. I have no idea what's going on after the interview, but the music is nice.
    Youtube - Under Byen - "Vindeltrappe" + interview

    Youtube - Pati Yang - "All That Is Thirst"

    If you like this one you might like "Snow Angels" by Odessa Chen as well. I couldn't find it on Youtube.
    Youtube - Odessa Chen - "Kill the Lights"

    Youtube - In Gowan Ring - "Morning's Waking Dream (Live)"

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