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Thread: Anyone braving the Chapel Hill Halloween Bash?

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    Default Anyone braving the Chapel Hill Halloween Bash?

    Well this forum seems the best place to post this but I notice a lot of NC folks on here so question:

    Whose going to the Chapel Hill Halloween Party/Bash/Ruckus/etc... with all the changes. I know I still am with a group of folks Going this year as a vampire as it seems fitting to be a bloodsucker.

    If anyone is curious, this is one of heck of a halloween party with 80,000+ people showing up, and Chapel Hill is so "stressed" by the amount of people they are doing roadblocks, mandatory cover charges for all bars/resturants, shutting down roads all over, etc... to try and control the madness.

    Fun times to watch some anarchy!

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    Oh my god!! I wish we had something that huge!! It sounds like ya'lls Mardi Gras! Good luck with it, I suppose if I DO go out to NC that'll be the time to be going!
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    Watch out, this year they're saying if you don't live in Chapel Hill, please don't come. It has been getting increasingly violent over the past few years. I used to go every year when I was a student at the university.
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    Damn, sounds like a fun event. I don't have any plans for Halloween.

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