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Thread: Today's Opinion Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bella View Post
    TV shows like "What Not to Wear" is:

    A) "Horrible! People should be left to wear whatever they want even if they
    look horrendous."


    B) "Delightful! I love watching the fashion police rid our streets of the
    vileness of bad taste in clothing."

    A. It's a cheek if you ask me.
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    I don't have cable or watch TV, but when I do, I rather like those shows. Some more than others. Depends how solid the fashion advice is, and how much I can take away from it. Slice away the shopping part and the unveiling, and I really enjoy the rest.

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    I watched it for the first time just the other day. I thought they did a good job of improving the looks of most of the people they had on, although in one case I preferred the woman's original haircut. It helps to have the $5,000.00 they give you to spend on changing your image.

    As far as fashion nazis go, I generally despise them, though. In many cases I think they give lousy advice to women, encouraging them to wear knickers and big shoulder pads, and have shorty haircuts with the hair purposely mussed up with cream etc. Who was it that started the "new look" for women (in the 80's ) of wearing Frankenstein army boots and shaving their heads etc. ? I would agree that it was "different" but different isn't always good. I cracked up to see the Borat character sneak onto a catwalk the other day in an absurd outfit and prance out to the limelight until grabbed by security.
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