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Thread: Number Association

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    Default Number Association

    What traits do you associate with which numbers?

    It can be anything at all.

    I'll start off with mine.

    1 - Number of genesis, origin, existence. No movement, only presence.

    2 - Number of process and continuation; desire to move continuously onwards. Once Two has been reached, the upward progression must continue.

    3 - Number of disgruntlement, complacency, and reality. Has little energy of its own; represents uneven properties; things in one's surroundings that simply exist but adhere to no apparent system or harmony.

    4 - Number of completion, negation, void. Perfect number, perfect symmetry, a cancelling of all opposing forces; a state of perfect rest. Completion of the cycle.

    5 - Number of rebellion, impulse, irrationality. Break from the state of perfection instilled by Four. Deliberate, willful displays of disorder.

    6 - Number of technology; unites the state of Nature (Three) with states of progression, logic, and negation of opposing forces (Two).

    8 - Number of imitation, redundancy, and mockery. Lacks any substance of its own; void; product created by doubled states of "perfection" cancelling out each other to no effect.
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    Five - purple
    Six - red, Satan
    Seven - orange, perfection, God
    Eight - yellow, my mom
    Nine - green
    Ten - blue, sports and popular culture
    Eleven - indigo
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.

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    1 - The Loneliest Number next to Two
    2 - Yin Yang, Duality, Differentiation
    3 - Manifestation
    4 - Corners of the Earth
    5 - + Spirit
    6 - Magical, 1+2+3, 1*2*3
    7 - Bliss
    8 - Digital
    9 - Nein
    10 - Fingers
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    -1 - Computers
    0 - Void, Black Holes, Darkness, Black, Magic, The Unknown
    1 - Unity, Earth, Peace
    2 - Love
    3 - Luck, Green
    4 - Architecture
    5 - Money
    6 - Security
    7 - Casinos
    8 - Power, Infinity
    9 - Peace, Tranquility

    - - - Updated - - -

    -1 - Computers
    0 - Void, Black Holes, Darkness, Black, Magic, The Unknown
    1 - Unity, Earth, Peace
    2 - Love
    3 - Luck, Green
    4 - Architecture
    5 - Money
    6 - Security
    7 - Casinos
    8 - Power, Infinity
    9 - Peace, Tranquility
    Enneagram: 6w7 (phobic) > 2w1 > 9w1
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Holland Code: AIS
    Date of Birth: March 15, 1996
    Gender: Male
    Political Stance: Libertarian Liberal (Arizona School/Strong BHL)

    I say this as a reminder to myself, but this goes for everyone:

    You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and you are limited only by how dedicated you are to succeed!

    -Magic Qwan
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    1- lonliness
    2- lonliness with another person.
    3- third wheel
    4- perfect amount of everything, most animals have four limbs, cars have four wheels, four is balanced
    5- the fucking up of 4
    6- inching towards the devil. One six becomes two, two becomes three, and three becomes...
    7- lucky
    8- a snowman! And infinity!
    9- noting soecial, kind of want to be ten. Bit disurbing because it looks like an upside down 6, but not as bad just a poser.
    10- the base of tons of mathematical stuff

    Other numbers:
    3.14- pi
    19- my age!
    52- always been my favorite number for whatever reason
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    1 - bob marley and the creed
    2 - duality, yin and yang
    3 - hermes thrice great, jack white, third man records, mercury, magic
    4 - squares, boxes, stability, saturn
    5 - alive, life, matter no longer inert in terms of the life dimension, growth, stem from the soil
    6 - bees, business, operating on the level of material progress like workers in an office, buzz, buzz, honey, buzz....and sex
    7 - achievement turning into soul growth...moving from materialism to spiritualism...channeling, bringing down the forces of the mamillian oversoul into the insectoid brain circuit
    8 - a mobius strip, infinity, moving on to 9...a hyber cube
    9 - nine, number nine, oh so fine, the number of music, street thugs, inner-musicians, and inner-street thugs, swag walks, and prostitutes.
    10 - the mark of the human, 10 digits, base ten baby, ten hens in a cubicle plucking their caclulators
    11 - the master
    12 - super bee's...humanoid bees that have human compassion.
    "i shut the door and in the morning
    it was open
    -the end"

    Olemn slammed his hammer and from the sparks on the metal of his anvil came the spheres of the heavens.

    Sayrah blew life into the spheres and they moved. From her wheel she weaved the names of people in to mystery.

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    1 - goalies; Jacques Plante, Glenn Hall, Bernie Parent... and perhaps Roberto Luongo
    2 - Al MacInnis
    3 - Dion Phaneuf
    4 - Bobby Orr
    5 - Boom-Boom Geoffrion
    6 - hm... Phil Housley?
    7 - Joey Mullen
    8 - hm... Val Bure
    9 - The all-time greats! Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Maurice Richard
    10 - Gary Roberts

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    0 = Negation, the void - literally null
    1 = Singularity/origin (also individuality, in a more abstract sense)
    2 = Unity both personal and more generally (e.g. aesthetics - logos & pathos)
    3 = Unity/perfection in a theological sense
    4 = Balance, order, proportionality
    8 = Infinity

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    I once did the meaning of numbers of 1-100 a long time ago. For some reason I believed that 3 and all multiples of were evil (13 was also evil) and I still have an irrational aversion to the numbers 39 and 81. I'm gradually getting over it though.

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