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Thread: Members of Typologycentral: How do you picture them?

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    @superunknown - Tall, slender man (in a black suit, of course) walking about in what appears to be a desert. No signs of fatigue or wearing down, it seems like you are simply taking a stroll, with a gigantic moon rising in the background. The sky is between day blue and mystical purple (hard to describe) (You are kind of portrayed prophetically, I guess?). Dark tan outline (You deviate from the color scheme, S is yellow, I don't have a letter association for tan really, excepting maybe the orangish-tan of J)*

    @five sounds - A dark figure standing on the sidewalk to the right of a straight-away street that seems to stretch infinitely to the background. Average houses stretch along with the road to the left and right of both of the sidewalks on either side of the street. You are leaning on what appears to be a mix between the lamp post from Nights and Days' image and what appears to be a tree (don't ask, this is me trying to clear up an image that is somewhat blurry and ambiguous, this is the only way I can explain it). Outlined dark grey (You also deviate, dark grey is my color for t, n, and g, and F is orange).

    @senza tema - You seem to be a female figure (I don't know your gender) that is in the middle of a bustling bazaar in a foreign nation (to me). My point of view is looking from above into what appears to be a city, with yellow buildings and many street vendors. You are standing in the middle of my point of view (though, seemingly tiny) in some white clothing, juxtaposing the black and grey tints of everyone around you in the streets. Yellow outline (You do not deviate, s is yellow).

    @The Ü™ - With your Nic Cage avatars, you have literally given me the subconscious association of you with Nic Cage's body. All I see for you with my minds' eye is Nick Cage relaxing in what appears to be a semi-fancy restaurant with a very cloudy day outside the surprisingly clear windows of the restaurant. Considering how lame this association is, I'll do my best to see if I can mold it into Nic Cage sitting on the Iron Throne (I have been able to change associations before, but it takes some repetition and effort) if you'd like. Dark Grey outline, darker than five sounds though (you don't deviate from my alphabet, as T and U are both dark grey (U is a much darker shade of grey, however).

    *I'm doing the deviation thing now because of my conversation with Mal.

    Also, @five sounds, I realize that your dark grey association may carry over from your other username, Nicolita, if I recall?
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    @Alea_iacta_est thank you! really cool. yeah, i had the same thought with the dark gray when i first read your post, and yes, your memory serves you correctly. i was originally Nicolita on here. my real name also starts with the letter N, so i feel like that color might be more my essence according to your system anyway. thanks again for obliging. these are all so interesting to read.
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