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    I thought this could be a good the rules could be: 1.ask for any advice you want, it can be serious, or funny 2.the person posting after you has to give you an advice he thinks is the best, and then he can ask for an advice too...Anyone wants to participate?
    I need an advice about my hair color ... Like I don't know what color could be the best for me? I want some change, but I am not sure.

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    Go white/silver, it's cool as f*ck.

    I want to write. I'm a long time science-fiction reader, but I also have a lot of odd/interesting personal stories. What should I start with?

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    definitely with the real life stories, at least as the writing practice. When you don't have experience with writing as a professional, to get main skills it's best to start with real life stories and then you can continue with developing your imagination in putting it into the story.
    Should I get the nose piercing tomorrow?

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