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Thread: Holidays

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    Default Holidays

    I feel really torn about holidays.

    Ok, so Christmas is obviously the worst offender, but I really feel this way about most holidays. I love the spirit of them. Getting together, celebrating, exchanging gifts and a meal and quality time, even traditions are cool and can be nostalgic or culturally/historically interesting.

    BUT the degree of commercialization and hoopla around them turn me right off.

    I hate feeling like I hate Christmas or Halloween or Easter. I think that underneath it all, I don't, but I just can't get down with participating in all that crap.

    So, what are your feelings on the subject?

    Do you do anything to preserve holidays from being tarnished?

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    I don't really notice all the hoopla. The only thing I notice is the icing on cupcakes and sugar cookies changing color during holidays. I like holidays and I like the nice feelings they bring me, but I don't do much to keep up with all the stressful activities. Maybe that's why I'm not really bothered with the commercialization. I focus more on the feeling of getting together and spending quality time with the people I love. Luckily, they're not into the craziness and pressure either, so it's easy to be blissfully ignorant and enjoy the holidays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    Do you do anything to preserve holidays from being tarnished?

    Make up your own holidays? No one says you have to participate in any of that shit.

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    Become pagan

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    I love the commercialism and hoopla.

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