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Thread: What types would survive the zombie apocalypse?

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    Come the zombie apocalypse I will simply be retreating the fortress I've been prepping these past 15yrs. INTJs are nothing, if not prepared. But my levels of paranoia will ensure I will be surviving solo and therefore won't be part of any rebuilding of humanity. I am excellent at surviving but with no real point to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comeback Girl View Post
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Letting ESFPs be in charge of zombie killing? Nahhh. Repopulating, now THAT'S something we'd be good at. Sure, it's a slow process, but hey.
    Efps and stps and this place would be populated in no time
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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    Ah, well, it depends on the person! This ESTP would either get eaten right away or would be the last person alive and go nuts. My guess would go to IxTP in general though. They wouldn't be the first to try making friends with the zombies or trying to run towards them.

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    So I suppose it's going to be a team of 5, me and 4 other types.

    INFP 4w5: me, apparently. I'll be the one that comforts others. In the hopeless moments, I'll draw the vision of a better tomorrow when this is all over with vivid details, and so each of us can be inspired and hopeful. I certainly will try to maintain harmony between members as arguments will definitely occur. The instinctual infused analytical side of me will come in handy too.

    INFJ 4, 2, 6 or 9: They'll be the other feeler that I could turn to for emotional release and guidance, but they have more intellectual - emotional balance, more practical, organized and level-headed. They can glue my team of introverts together as they can be insightful, understanding, warm, engaging without being intrusive. Besides, they can keep the ENTP in the team company.

    INTx 1 or 5: We need your brilliant wicked strategic mind. Simply just that.

    ISTJ 1, 5, 6 or 9: We need this loyal, level-headed, rational and consistent buddy in the team. It's quite unlikely that they would act selfishly for their own advantage and against the team they commit to. They carry out plans without letting unnecessary emotions and drama involved. This buddy will keep other N members realistic, practical and focused. I can see this guy deciding which weapon each should use and why lol.

    ENTP 1, 7 or 9: This brilliant brain-stormer must be on our team. We need their wildly creative ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, optimism, and of course their jokes in our darkest hours. Hopefully this guy wouldn't betray us though lol.
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    ESTJ and ISTJ, most practical and realistic.

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    xSTP: Se can be very useful (well, obviously) and a T would recover more quickly from the death of a loved one - which is highly likely to happen at some point. Also, they're good at surviving/handling extreme situations.
    ENTJ: a rational leader.
    ISTJ: to maintain some stability and get stuff done.
    INFP: because I agree with Arctic Hysteria.

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