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Thread: Things worth celebrating?

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    Default Things worth celebrating?

    What are the things which are worth celebrating to you? Do you fill and refill a calender with the dates each year and how to you celebrate them?

    I try and get my birthday, halloween and another day which I celebrate getting a job I really liked free each year, I use annual leave, sometimes I'll go and visit with friends although not always.

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    I'm absolutely terrible at celebration. I recognize the role/significance of holidays, birthdays, and walks across the stage but I can't usually force myself to care.

    I learned early on to give a crap about celebrating others' milestones when they care about celebrating them, because I others prioritize differently. But I, by default, do not make a big deal out of my own birthday, graduation ceremonies, or other 'me-centric' days. (This makes me a terrible Fe-ego type and a terrible Enneagram 3.)

    Halloween is totally different, because I like the chance to be creative with a costume and bust into a few parties here and there.

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    My celebration mode is pretty much always 'on' unless there's a reason for it not to be, or I'm down.

    Planned celebration does not work for me. "It's time to celebrate now? You mean we stopped at some point??"

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