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Thread: What are you in the closet about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    If I have start coming down with a cold/flu I'm in the closet about it for a few days trying to get it to pass or not come at all. I'm able to avoid it 1/2 the time. When it gets full blown and doesn't go away then I feel I have to come 'out' about it. And quarantine myself.

    I'm not a fan of cooties myself so far be it for me to spread contagious cooties to the unsuspecting.
    A pointless aside: When I have a lot of contact with other people, I am continually coming down with something. I have this sister-in-law who was always giving me grief over "passing germs" because I went to work sick, but dang, I couldn't have kept my job otherwise.

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    I have a lifetime of hurt that I hide, only way you can tell is when you look at my eyes. I'm so good at hiding pain and stress now that the closest people wouldn't know I was in crisis until the penny dropped.

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