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Thread: Ask me an amusing question to help me refine my type and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbone View Post
    Wolfy, what's your enneagram?

    On music, do you use it to change how you feel if you're in a bad mood? Or do you have to match your music to what you are feeling at the time?

    Of those two I guess I match it to how I am feeling. I tend to pick an artist or album I feel like listening to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Datamaiden View Post
    I guys. I am new here, but I will jump in. It seems to me we are definitely "S". Is it important to you that everyone like each other, get along and that you tune into other's feelings and be liked by them? Is it more important to get things done, or to please everyone?
    It is important that everyone get along, have fun and get things done. I don't mind conflict within that but I hate conflict when it stalls everything, I also dislike working through emotional/personal issues even if it is conflict free.

    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I told you to just do whatever I'm doing as far as type. That makes it easier.
    So I should be intp now?

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    If results are more important than people's feelings, choose T over F. F= everyone gets to take part in the decision because we want everyone to be happy and engaged and feel useful, etc. Highly democratic. "T" finds the most effective decision and the most efficient way to it. Efficient decisions never rely on everyone's feelings.
    I'm not negative; I'm just an existentialist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Datamaiden View Post
    If results are more important than people's feelings, choose T over F.
    I know I am F. I'm interested in results for the people involved.

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