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Thread: New energy Bill

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    Default New energy Bill

    New Energy law for the United States:

    Washington D.C.: In a dramatic move aimed at "cutting U.S. energy consumption to unprecedented low levels", congress got together for a joint emergency session to pass a series of new energy bills aimed at reducing consumption and increasing effeciency, as well as "utilizing new sources of useful energy for the United states of America." For those interested, here are the new regulations and changes introduced in the Bill:

    1. All U.S. citzens, residents, or other people inside united States borders north of the 64th parallel, must sleep during periods of night time more than 22 hours long to conserve electricity.

    2. All Transportation fuel used in the United states must gain 1/4 of its energy content from Corn or Soybean derived fuel, 1/4 from Bituminous, Sub-bituminous, or lignite coal from within the United states, and 1/4 from American Derived oil reserves by 2012

    3. All passenger transportation vehicles must have a fuel efficiency of 135 miles per gallon. the following vehicles are exempt from this law: Passenger transportation automobiles, Passenger, corporate, or privately owned airplanes or other air vehicles, trains, privately owned watercraft, and watercraft deriving 1/5 or more of their income from passenger travel.

    4. An extra 150.5 illion per year has been authorized for research grants related to photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, nuclear, electricity storage, and biofuel energy technology.

    5. An extra 13.5 billion has been authorized for construction and research on new coal, corn, and soybean processing plants and technology, as well as developement of new coal, framland, and oil reserves.

    6. A 2.5% tax relief package on incomes between 50,000 and 2,500,000 has been passed.

    7. 2.5 Billion has been made available for repair and maintenance of interstate 90 between Rochester and Albany, and of I-95 between Miami and Jacksonville.

    8. A new Air force base is to be constructed outside of Montgomery, Alabama.

    9. The word "jeebers", used to express annoyance or anger, has been classified as a religiously offensive word.

    10. The words "woman" and "girl" in all government documents is to be replaced with the word "female", with young or old used to describe the age category to which the female belongs.

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    Wow, particularly 9 and 10! I'm confused with the wording on number 1, though.

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