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Thread: French people of France, hear me now!

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    Default French people of France, hear me now!

    Do you use the term "bonne chance, petite" without inserting a noun (or anything else for that matter) after "petite"?

    I'm looking for a term slightly more cocky and less intimate than "bonne chance, ma petite" or "ma puce" or anything like that. Suggestions?

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    As far as my memory serves, French does not require a noun in this case, because through nominalization 'petite' becomes the noun, as in 'the old'. It works in German too: "Das kleine Mädchen spricht [The small girl speaks]" becomes "Die Kleine spricht [The small speaks]".

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    Can anybody confirm this? You're spot on with the German example, but my French kinda sucks, and I'm still unsure if it works the same way.

    Thanks btw.

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    Why not use "bonne chance, la petite"?

    They don't use bonne chance in France much, in that way. I think it's a French-Canadian colloquialism but I could be wrong.

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    "La petite" refers to a third person and thus the sentence loses its meaning.

    So you think I should use bon courage instead?

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    Bon courage is more courteous.

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    This is also true for dutch.

    Veel geluk, kleine.
    Veel geluk, kleintje.

    kleintje is actually kinda odd, since we can add 'je' to say someting is small. Saying 'je' to little is kinda double up. But it is still widely used nonetheless. Anyways, dutch is really weird and filled with rules and many exceptions to each rule. It's just horrible. :>

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