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    Damn, I forgot to post a picture.

    Groggily photoshopped this morning before coffee:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    I'm begging you to tell us that's a photo of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by raincrow007 View Post
    Frederick Lord Leighton. The painting is titled, "Flaming June".
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    Yay. It's the weekend.

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    oh how I love that crazy frog
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    Default Fi Picture Collage Books.

    Yesterday, I visited my INFP friend who, some months ago, had a break down due to stress cause by too much work. She is currently trying to figure out what to do with her work life and is playing with 3 different options. In order to help her make a decision, she made 3 picture collage books where she tries to visualize the feelings she gets when thinking about each of her 3 options.

    She showed them to me yesterday and it was an interesting and very strong experience to look thought these books.

    I've listed her options and commented with the Fi images I obtained while looking though them.

    1. Go back to her old job where she functions as a marketing co-ordinator.
    I'm not easily upset but this book allmost made me vomit. It was so chaotic, cold and sinister - her interpretation of the SJ corporate world I think. Pictures of humans in all kinds of competitive situations, all kinds of luxurious brands representing a variety of material status symbols, huge stacks of paper documents, people drowning, people being pulled down by others, couples who watch tv and ignores each other, dark threatening shadows. The collages were mainly keept in black and blue colors and some of the pages were wrapped with shiny plastic material.

    2. Become an entrepreneur, she's a highly skilled and very creative designer and could easily design a line of products and start up her company, as mentioned above, she furthermore also has a background in marketing.
    It was a nice experience to open this book after the first one. It contained travelling tickets, airplanes, people talking togeather in bright atmospheres, creative work, sunshine, active but still calm color combinations. However, there were also elements like a broken ladder, a and a person balancing on a rope.

    3. Start studying art.
    This was the far most happy, playfull and imaginative book. There was a lot of pictures of various art, happy children playing, flowers and fireworks, wild vibrating colors.

    I've seen a lot of her work and eventhough these books arn't neat and nicely made - they are perfect, genuine and real. I think it's the kind of artistic work you can only create of you are riding high on Fi. To capture 3 Fi pictures so sharply that each one of them kick an INTP in the guts - that's quite a performance.
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    sparkly sparkly rainbow excretions

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    Default Morningstar, Alfons Maria Mucha, 1902

    Let's do this thing.

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