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Thread: Your Sleep Requirements

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    Quote Originally Posted by IZthe411 View Post
    What are your specifics for you to have a good night's sleep?
    Pitch-black Darkness or some kind of nightlight?

    Steady low noise or complete silence?
    Otherwise my mind can't shut off.

    How much clothing?
    Doesn't matter, but typically a nightie, PJs, or occasionally nekkid

    Alone or with someone else?
    Although there's nothing like falling asleep in someone's arms or next to them... until they start to snore, that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle99 View Post
    Luckily my spouse feels the same way I do!
    You mean your hubby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    You mean your hubby?

    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    I'm not too picky.

    Darkness or some kind of nightlight? Prefer darkness, usually get TV/laptop flickering (the bf watches these to sleep for some reason)
    Noise or complete silence? as complete as possible, but if I have to I'll eventually sleep with some noise
    How much clothing? doesn't really matter as long as it's comfortable and I'm not cold
    Alone or with someone else? whatever I'm used to, but rarely alone these days (past 2+ years)

    I find it hard to sleep without a blanket (even if it's just a sheet). maybe because I get cold easily, but even in the hottest summer night I'll usually have a sheet.
    -end of thread-

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    medium light to darkness, the tv on and the man snoring is quite fine... it's never dead silent anyways, I live in the city... I like to sleep naked and beside a human or dog. I like the room cooler because I like high threadcount sheets and a duvet, but I am also rather adept at sleeping on buses, planes and in other random public locations (once in a folding chair at a sales rally )

    sleeping is one of my talents
    Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom? -Terry Pratchett

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    I think I have mild insomnia.

    I don't need that much sleep.

    I sleep naked, preferably with someone similarly attired.
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    Total darkness, silence, cool room with comforter, no clothes, with someone else but not touching

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    Dead silent, with zero light, and a comfortably supported skeletal system, particularly the lower back, neck, and knee joints.

    Exceptions can be made, such as moonlight or noise of sleeping in nature.

    Cool, not warm. Warmth means absolutely no sleep will be happening.

    Pleasant smells.

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    Anywhere I shut my eyes with the intent of sleep I can do so but I never sleep while a passenger in a vehicle or in a busy public place like an airport terminal or any public place unless my back is against a wall. Any amount of light or darkness is fine. Any degree of noise or silence is fine. Any amount of clothing or lack thereof is fine, though at home in bed I sleep nude. Alone or with my wife I sleep equally well though when together we always have some level of bodily contact as we sleep. I prefer to sleep on the ground in the woods but anything is ok. The colder the temp the better I sleep (down to around 0 F. then it gets less comfortable). I usually go to bed around 0100 and get up around 0700. I sleep lightly and wake up whenever there is a change in the patterns around me. Occasionally if something wakes me I walk through the house to check windows/doors, kids' rooms, for security and then right back to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IZthe411 View Post
    What are your specifics for you to have a good night's sleep?

    Darkness or some kind of nightlight?
    Noise or complete silence?
    How much clothing?
    Alone or with someone else?
    Fan blowing on some section of my body- if not, white noise is mandatory at least. Otherwise, it's night to night. I would prefer to sleep snuggling, if not with a person with a pillow. I like to change it up a bit. So some nights I sleep on the couch or the floor. other times I just sleep at different angles on the bed. very loose clothing. cool or cold. Lighting and extra noise varies depending on my mood. No socks. In the summer with a lot of light I need less. Towards this time of year I need lots and lots of sleep. This summer I averaged 3 to 7 hours of sleep with a lot of waking up in the middle/ having to split times a lot. (maybe a few here and a few there.) Right now I can sleep for 12 or 13 hours straight (or more- but I have to get up in the middle to do a few things here and there.)
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    Complete darkness.
    No noise, at ALL. If there's a tv or something on, I can't fall asleep at all. Though music is an exception, nothing loud though.
    Just Pj's, no socks.
    I like to sleep alone and have my OWN space. *coughbedhoggerscough*

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